Saturday, December 10, 2011

Darrell Issa Grills Attorney General Eric Holder

...and Holder looks evasive at best.

Holder refused to say whether or not he would voluntarily appear before the committee again, but only that he would "consider it". (Issue the subpoena, Mr. Issa!)

Striking too, the five boxes of email that was provided by just one gun dealer compared to the amount of evidence the entire DoJ was able to contribute.

It is hard to believe that there was not a single email from the Attorney General regarding an operation that required the purchase and distribution of guns, which were to be sold illegal, with a near certainty that they would be transported into a neighboring country and used by violent criminals.

How incompetent is the oxymoronic Obama Justice Department, that no one knows who authorized this program? Can you say "cover up"? Sgt. Eric Shultz knows "nussing".

For the good of the country, Holder should immediately resign. Failing that, Obama should fire him. Failing that, we need to clean out this entire rat's nest in Washington in November of 2012.


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