Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Little Saturday Night Music

Stan Freberg - Green Christmas


  1. Christmas is something to take advantage of!

  2. Some businesses make the majority of their annual income around Christmas. Takes big brass balls to make a living in retail these days.

  3. In these modern times of electronic registers, it's doubtful that the last generation has ever really heard that "cha-ching" for real at the end!

  4. in Bangkok town, there is a bunch of Christmas sales and the like

    however, in the burbs, its mostly a non-event. maybe some prep for the New Years Parties

    However, the wife and kids like to make it a special thing for me. This year we are heading to Pattaya (party, beach town) for a couple days

    BTW - I have lost 40kg since this photo was taken

  5. You've got your tin foil hat on. You know you can be arrested for impersonating a Democrat! BTW, cool tree!


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