Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Ring Out the Old and Ring in the New...

...with a new gun!

A Uberti Cattleman rifle in .45 Long Colt

Today, I joined thousands of Californians in purchasing one last long gun before a new gun registration law kicks in on New Year's Day. I didn't really need one, (law or gun) but then, the Second Amendment is not found in the Bill of Needs. Plus, according to the Beltway's accounting principles, I actually cut my spending by over a thousand dollars in doing so!

I'd been to a big box sporting goods store on Sunday and didn't see anything that caught me eye, so I went to this smaller sporting goods shop in town, after I finished work this afternoon. I looked around a bit and toyed with the idea of buying this:

A .45 semi-auto Kriss-Vector carbine

A California legal version of their submachine gun. I wasn't that familiar with it, so I read some reviews online, with my smartphone, and handled it a bit, and while I was pondering the wisdom and utility of the purchase, I spied that little Uberti, like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, kind of little and off to one side. And since I was planning on spending over a thousand dollars more for the Kriss-Vector, I was able to cut my firearm spending over 50% in December alone! Finally, some Washington-style fiscal accountability! Since about half of that was paid for with a small gift card from work, thus, off budget, my budgeted firearms expenses were 'actually' cut over 75%. Now, if this were true Washingtonian budgeting, I would immediately spend the money I "saved" on something else. Maybe some ammo... The year is still young!

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  1. The cattleman is way cooler, well done.

    Sorry you live in California.

  2. Yeah. I really wanted a Circuit Judge. That story is here if you didn't see it.

  3. Friggin Cali...

    I've never shot a revolver/rifle but I know the early ones had problems with lead shavings hitting the shooter's support arm. I'm sure if the cylinder lines up properly it won't be a problem.

  4. I probably won't shoot it a whole lot. But, who knows? It could be a hoot and a half!

  5. At the very least, it'll tick off a liberal that I a) bought a gun, b)had enough disposable income to buy a gun, and c) had a good time doing it!

    Have a safe and prosperous new year!

  6. Thanks! That part of 2014 I'm looking forward to! Happy New Year's Eve!


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