Thursday, March 20, 2014

Never Bring a Tattoo to a Gunfight

File under "News of the Weird": a man in Maine who was running around in the cold, shirtless, probably should not be running around shirtless.

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Having a life sized gun tattoo on your body approximately where a gun might be tucked in your waistband, it might not be a good idea to take your shirt off before you chase people off your property. Unless you're an idiot.

Maine man Michael Smith woke up to police with assault rifles drawn on his front lawn Tuesday morning after authorities believed he had a flashed a gun during an argument.

A shirtless Smith had angrily shooed a tree removal company off of his property — spooking the landscapers with they thought was a handgun tucked in his pants.

When the police yell, "Drop the gun!", and you can't comply, you'd better hope your bulletproof vest will stop the bullets of any trigger happy cops. No, wait! You can't! Because, like a dumbass, you're going around outside in the Maine winter with your shirt off!

Good plan, dumbass! If you want to impress someone with a gun, get a gun you can actually use on bad guys if you need to, or drop if instructed to by the good guys. Bringing a tattoo to a gunfight is likely to get you shot.

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