Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Trading Private Bergdahl"

Mad Magazine had this tremendous parody up on their Twitter account, @MADmagazine:

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Coincidentally, a lot of people have been bandying about a word that sounds a lot like "trader".


  1. I was stunned when I saw this last night. Pleased, but still stunned to see how the scales are falling from so many eyes.

    I hope MAD has their financials in order, I suspect audits will be incoming ...

  2. This is brutal satire. I've read Mad magazine for many a year in my youth, and they've poked fun at everybody, but this is the hardest hitting satire I've ever seen them do.

    And, yeah, a 'bend over and grab your ankles' IRS audit would not be a big stretch here!

  3. That's proof there are conservatives in every workplace including MAD Magazine.


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