Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Equal Opportunity for Norse Gods: Thor to Become a Woman

Not since the death of Archie, gunned down in his prime protecting his gay, newly elected Senator best friend, has an announcement shaken the comic world. Well, it might have shaken Asgard. Well, it might shake Asgard every 28 days...

Marvel announces sex change for God of Thunder
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We are told this will not be "Thora the Explora", but the genuine article Thor. I'm not quite sure how this happens, mythologywise, but I suspect that like Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays, this is all about the green. And, after all, it is the world of comics, where people routinely return from the dead, and people like Nick Fury, a white sergeant from WWII, becomes a black man, who routinely asks: "What's in your wallet?"

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