Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Remember the Words of Jeb Bush...

...if he ever runs for president.

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  1. Even without your pictorial reminder I would never have forgotten his misbegotten words.

  2. Maybe we can get some good liberals to go to that girl's house and explain to her parents how protecting the border is racist.

    I like the banner, btw. Reminds me of an era when we had serious people in the White House. Hell, these past six years have even made me nostalgic for Bill Clinton!

  3. I posted this on Twitter where one guy accused me of "lying" about Bush, because he did not make that comment specifically about this case.

    A) I figured anyone with a modicum of sense or awareness could figure that out, and B), in painting a rosy scenario about illegal aliens, Bush was giving cover to those murderers, child molesters, drug dealers and terrorists who also slip through our porous borders. (Or as my critic outs it "boarders"). Of the two, I believe "B" is the most dishonest.

    And I agree with you about Clinton. Right now, diddling an intern seems to pale in comparison to the wide swath of destruction BO is leaving in his path.

  4. I'm going to rob a bank in Florida after I publish this comment. I'm going to give the money to my children, so that I will be able to escape all punishment for my crime, because I did it as an "act of love". (I thought Colorado was where they smoked the wacky tobacky?)

  5. We have a situation going on in our little town right now. Last week a man strangled his wife and her six year old daughter by garroting them and cut them up pretty good. He removed his two kids before going back to murder his wife and her daughter.

    He needed a translator for his first hearing in court. Hmmmmmmmm. I asked one of our cops if the dude was illegal. He said they were pretty sure he was, but that was the least of their worries right now. They're way more focused on putting his sorry ass in the slammer for life - or preferably the death penalty. He said it was an ugly, ugly scene.

    However, when that is complete he said the restaurant where he was employed (which we used to frequent) is in deep doo.

    Act of love, indeed!

  6. And, as we repeat over and over, it is not a racial thing. We have our share of scumbags in all shapes, races and colors without importing anyone else's.

    We should be screening everyone who enters the country to make sure they intend no harm, and if they intend to stay, to make sure they will be a positive addition to the nation, and that criminals and terrorists are kept out. Regardless of race.

  7. They make this little thing out of brass and lead that would be just perfect for this situation.

  8. Sometimes with little steel or copper jackets!


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