Friday, August 15, 2014

Darren Wilson, President of the Ethical Society of Police Identified as Ferguson Shooter (Updated: Wrong Darren Wilson)

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Darren Wilson, six year veteran of the police force and president of the Ethical Society of Police has been identified as the Ferguson shooter in a press conference held by Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

Most news outlets covering this story declined to state Darren Wilson's race, as should be expected, this this was not about race but about criminal activity.
Perhaps the race hustlers in the White House will take note of the fact, that this was and is a police matter for local and state authorities to resolve and to ascertain the guilt or innocence of anyone involved. This did not require the president of the United States to comport himself as an ambulance chasing lawyer, taking sides before all the facts were in.

The moral of this story: If you are going to drag yourself away from your golf game, Mr. President, at least let it be to turn your attention to some national or worldwide crisis begging for your attention. Let Al Sharpton , Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder fall out of the clown car of race baiters. You sir, should rise above it.

Update: I am getting feedback that this is the wrong Darren Wilson. Will issue full correction after I can verify. According to Ethical Society of Police website, Sgt. Wilson is a St. Louis police officer, not Ferguson.

Update II: According to CNN, the Darren Wilson involved in the shooting was white. Like the groundhog seeing his shadow, expect the racebaiting, poverty pimp vultures to circle for the next six weeks.

Although my earlier source on the officer's race was wrong, I stand by what I wrote: This is not about race but about criminal activity. Actions have consequences.

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