Saturday, August 9, 2014

Obama: Less Bread, More Circuses

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Obama is going to make some last minute remarks before embarking on a two week long vacation to Martha's Vineyard, home to not a few of the "1%".

Back in 2011, Obama made a statement before leaving for Martha's Vineyard, that he would lay out his plan for turning around the economy. Ten days later, he gave a 45 minute speech, which, if you recall the last three years, did nothing at all.

I marveled at the time, how, if he genuinely thought he had a plan to turn around unemployment and put Americans back to work, why he couldn't delay his vacation 45 freaking minutes to do so, to handle what he said was both urgent and a "crisis".

Whatever self serving remarks he makes before this lavish vacation, about him being "in constant communication" and therefore able to ignore a crisis either foreign or domestic from Air Force One equally as if he were hunkered in the Oval Office or on a golf course, will be equally believable.

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