Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Power of the Cheerleader

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Mea culpa, my friends and 49'er faithful! I was remiss in my duties. One of the things proven over the last few years is the high percentage of games the Niners win, when I post a picture of one or more of their cheerleaders on game day.

Yesterday, although admittedly high on drugs and suffering from oral surgery that morning, I neglected to post the obligatory 49'er cheerleader, and the team was bested by the Ravens 23-3. It was humiliating. It was All. My. Fault.

I can merely pledge to you this day, that if it is within my power, it shall not happen again. This comes with a double your money back guarantee, which for a site that does not charge for content, does not come cheaply.

Cheerleader power. I seen it!