Sunday, January 25, 2015

Judge Jeanine on Chris Kyle

Judge Jeanine Blasts Michael Moore - Chris Kyle Wore Big Boots Neither You Nor Your Friends Could Ever Fill


  1. Mike was dead wrong to call snipers cowards. Though that still doesn't excuse Kyle's war crimes

  2. War crimes? Anything you'd like to share with the rest of the class? Because without it, you'd sound like a first class loon! Or a liberal (but I repeat myself!)

  3. He looked from the dead, he was ordered to kill anyone in Baghdad from age 14 to sixty, he did so willingly. He murdered civilians under a policy of pre emptive putting down resistance: much like Nazi special actions groups in eastern Europe.

    The Kyle Chris of the movie bears almost no resemblance to the real man

  4. Dan, I hate to intrude upon your own private reality, but in the real world, words you toss about like "war crimes", "civilians" and "murder" each have specific meanings.

    A "civilian" with a grenade, or a gun, or an RPG or an IED in a war zone, for example, is an "enemy combatant". Please cite the violations of any laws or the Geneva Conventions that Chris committed or was cited for?

    BTW, Godwin's Law usually does not come into play so quickly. Kudos on fulfilling it on your second comment! If you wish to shed the loon/liberal appellation, try again. Harder.

  5. No, a Civilian is any person who's not involved in active combat. Kyle Christ was ordered to kill every male he saw, in part of an illegal and unprovoked war.

    You really think that killing non-combatants and looting from the dead is really a part of the Geneva convention? For real?

    Killing civilians is against the Geneva convention as per rule 89: Violence to life-Murder is prohibited. Rule 113-Treatment of the Dead-Article 34(1) of the 1977 Additional Protocol I provides: “The remains of persons who have died for reasons related to occupation or in detention resulting from occupation or hostilities … shall be respected

    In the second world war, looters and people who killed all males in a given area (The Nazi Einsatzgruppen among others) were hanged.
    Oh Godwin's law, how I love you. Well the comparison is a bit valid when we're talking about a psychopath who claimed to enjoy murdering people and called the people he killed savages, stole from the dead and murdered unarmed combatants--the comparison is valid.

  6. Dan, what amazes me about your comments (other than I'm reading them on my blog and not scrawled in crayon on a men's room wall) is the steadfast manner in which you hold to your fantasies.

    If you were as familiar with the Geneva conventions as you claim to be, you might note that something is missing from the combatants that is required for them to be even considered by the convention: uniforms. Who is a civilian when no one wears a uniform? And if you are a non-combatant, the only two things you need to do is leave any area when you are told and stay the hell away from any offensive weapon.

    Chris left the Navy in 2009. It surprises me, given what you "know", that no general officer in the Navy, nor the Commander-in-Chief (the most rabid anti-war president in the history of the Republic), or the Attorney General (most pro-terrorist AG in the history of the Republic) ever bothered to file charges against Chris!

    For all your blather about an "illegal war" (you really should buy a dictionary!), bipartisan Congressional approval was given to the President to conduct this war. Reality sucks for you, doesn't it?

    BTW, you and Fatboy Moore need to get your stories straight. He says Kyle was a coward shooting people from roof tops and you claim he was down looting the bodies, a claim which I must assume you pulled from one of your nether regions. Where is the evidence that Chris Kyle "looted" anything?

    Speaking of 'psychopaths', there is ample evidence that Kyle was emotionally troubled by what he was required to do. Not the characteristic of a psychopath, your need to libel the dead, notwithstanding.

    Speaking of "illegal and unprovoked wars", did you voice your opposition to Obama, when he fired $100 million worth of missiles into the sovereign nation of Libya in a single day? Was that an "act of war"? An "illegal" (not approved by Congress) and "unprovoked" (I don't remember being attacked by Libya) war? Is your outrage consistent by any chance?

    Dan, as far as I can see, your only claim to fame is that your parents let you live this long. Forgive me if I don't find your arguments compelling.


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