Saturday, January 10, 2015

The "New Face" of the Democrat Party Redux

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The upcoming promised and long overdue retirement of the ancient and crumbling Barbara Bouncer (D-Calcified), got me to thinking about a piece I originally wrote in 2006 about the "new face" of the Democrat party. A few of the old souls have passed away, so I thought I'd give a quick update to the ruling class, still bellied up to the public trough.

"It has struck me odd for some time now, that the party of Rock the Vote has anything but a youthful visage (Pelosi’s botox notwithstanding!)

So here’s a short and by no means comprehensive list, in no particular order, of the Democratic leadership of the House and a few of those wild and crazy young Senators (and their ages):"

Representative Nancy Pelosi (74) CA

Representative Steny Hoyer (75) MD

Sec. State John Forbes Kerry (71) MA

Senator Harry Reid (75) NV

Senator Barbara Boxer (74) CA

Senator Diane Feinstein (81) CA

Wannabee President Hillary Rodham Clinton (67) NY

Senator Charles E. Schumer (64) NY

Senator Patrick Leahy (74) VT

Senator Carl Levin (80) MI

Senator Barbara Mikulski (78) MD

Senator Richard Durbin (70) IL

Senator Tom Harkin (75) IA

Senator Jay Rockefeller (77) WV (leaving this month)

Senator Patty Murray (64) WA

Senator Tim Johnson (68) SD (pink slipped last November)

Representative Charles Rangel (84)

Representative John Dingell (88) (finally left the building last week)

Representative John Conyers (85)

Plus such leading lights in Democrat politics as Jesse Jackson (73)

and Al Sharpton (a 'spring chicken' at 60!)

Dude! Stop Bogarting the Geritol!


  1. Barack Obama is as lost in the '60's as they are. He got the youth vote but is mired in an essentially dying Industrial Revolution mindset to save the worker from the greedy, brutal excesses of capitalism in which he is part of the mindless machine. This doesn't fit our new era of individualism born of the computer and iphone revolution. Ironic that the smartest man on the planet doesn't recognize his own obsolescence. Tyranny is the only tool left to the left and they are willing to use it.

  2. Well, tyranny while lining the pockets of your big contributors! A twofer!


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