Monday, April 11, 2016

Seen Around California...

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For the first time in my memory, if not recorded history, California might actually have a say in who our party's nominee will be! The Proofmobile is sporting the above art, obtained from the good people at Sticker Merchant, via Amazon.

The price was $2.49, + $1.50 shipping ($9.49 for 5). The Cruz people are selling stickers for $10.00 at their store. I wouldn't have minded giving them a sawbuck to use the rest on the campaign, but they didn't have the sticker I wanted. Another vendor had the sticker for $1.99, but wanted seven bucks shipping!?!

The good folk at Sticker Merchant also included a 3 x 5" American flag sticker at no additional charge.

For my California peeps, I don't make a nickel off this,, but show your colors the next couple of months.

Ted Cruz Bumper stickers

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