Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is Alan Grayson the Stupidest Man on the Planet?

...it's not for want of trying!

700 rounds a minute? A semi-automatic rifle, which is not an assault rifle, despite what the other morons in the Democrat party are saying*, requires that you pull the trigger once for every shot. If Alan "Mindless Twit" Grayson were correct (stop laughing!), you'd have to pull the trigger 12 times a second to fire 700 rounds. It takes less effort to tap the space bar on your computer than to pull a trigger, so, as an experiment in just how ignorant or crazy Congress is, tap your space bar while saying "One Mississippi". Did you make 12? 8? 4??? If you can barely tap your space bar four times, how are you going to pull and release a trigger 12 times in one second?

It would be helpful if the anti-gun crowd would educate themselves to the rudimentary facts regarding the objects they want to ban. Then maybe they wouldn't have to waste so much of their time arguing against imaginary guns and the bogeymen of their own imaginations.

*Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both falsely calling semi-automatic rifles "weapons of war". They are either intentionally lying to confuse the issue or are both so colossally ignorant that neither of them should ever be permitted anywhere near the levers of power.

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