Friday, October 7, 2016

Your Schadenfreude NFL/Niners Report

Dear friends I have often found myself in the position of doing something odious so that you don't have to. I've sat through tedious conventions and countless boring debates, to sift through for those pertinent nuggets, freeing you to live your lives without that burden. It's a public service!

In that same spirit, I deviated from my morning routine to actually read a story on the sports page, since many of you, like me, have gone cold turkey on NFL football and are ignoring most, if not all of it.

For my homies here on the West Coast, here's the pertinent part of the AP story on the Niners Cardinals game:
"There were several thousand empty seats at the game..."
The Niners have one win and four losses, stink on ice, and you're not missing anything.

(Well, maybe the cheerleaders!)

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