Sunday, December 4, 2016

I Am Stein, Hear Me Whine

(with apologies to Helen Reddy)
'I Am Stein, Hear Me Whine
On useless* matters I opine
And it looks like I will never go away!

The numbers do not bear me out
but I can still stand up and shout
Because irrelevance is all I have to say!

Oh yes, I am fourth
In a race of mainly three
Yes, I've lost real bad
But look how much I bleat
If I have to
I'll challenge anything
I am wrong* (wrong)
I'm inconsolable (inconsolable)
I'm a loser!

*Update: I decided "minor" and "in denial" didn't quite convey my feelings toward Ms. Stein sufficiently, so I changed them. Besides, "wrong" makes a better parody of "strong".

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