Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kevin Harvick Wins First NASCAR Pole Award

Kevin Harvick with unidentified object

I don't spend a lot of time on the sports page. MLB lost me with the strikes. The NFL went SJW and left me behind, so I usually don't give the sports section more than a cursory glance. But something caught my eye yesterday: A NASCAR driver proudly holding a rifle.

This had possibilities!

But I checked several stories, mostly All Pablum, which never got around to telling us exactly what he'd won. Tupperware? A doorstop?? A year's supply of tofu burgers???

Just an educated guess on my part, but it looks a little like a lever action carbine. (Gun, to the uninitiated).
Can't tell the caliber, but it looks like it might be tricked out a bit with some badges, maybe some special engraving. Would have been nice to acknowledge the gunmaker with at least a mention of his name. With the myriad of sponsors' logos on his jacket, NASCAR does not seem averse to capitalism.

Must be an AP thing?

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