Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hollywood Went to War

Sixty-first* in our series Hollywood Went to War, was a fellow who didn't actually go. It's not like he didn't want to, but Ward Bond was an epileptic, and was rejected by his draft board for active duty during World War II.
But don't count Ward Bond out of the fight or think that he didn't do his part in some way during World War II. You see besides making great movies to keep the morale of our troops high, he along with another actor by the name of Ronald Reagan, made training and morale films for the troops, and there is something else -- because Ward Bond couldn’t serve on active duty in the military during the war, he became an Air Raid Warden and was known to pull duty every chance he had, subsequently putting in many long days.
It's interesting to note that because of his efforts during the war, he was given full military honors with an honor guard and flag-draped coffin during his funeral.

Sir, we thank you for your service to your country. Rest in peace.

*Sixty one posts, eighty individuals.

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