Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Headline du jour

"Man Caught at Airport With Monkeys Under Shirt"
Heh. Though, like "man bites dog", think how much better it would have been had monkeys been smuggling men under their shirts?


  1. Hmm, yeah. Contrary to popular belief I can tell you that "man boobs" don't necessarily move when you flex your pecks because it's fat not muscle, however when a monkey bites your tit you'll scream and that fat will jiggle. (not that I'm admitting a monkey has ever bitten my tit, which for future reference will be known as MTIAAMHEBMT, and remember kids, you heard it first at Proofpositive.blogspot.com! Geez that ought to be worth some money, how much do I owe you?

  2. What your monkey bites is between you and your monkey! Heh.