Saturday, August 14, 2010

Google autocomplete, "Obama is a"....

by the Left Coast Rebel

Are you familiar with Google's autocomplete function? If not, try this. Go to Click on the search bar, slowly type in the word "Obama", then "is" and then the letter "a". What do you see?


Van Helsing thinks that the moonbats at Google may need to "fix the autocomplete function of their reigning search engine."

I take it much more simply - you can't argue with popular search phrases and the market has overwhelmingly spoken!

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  1. I thought you would like this one, Proof:).

    Also, your site is on memeorandum again.

  2. Hot dang! I noticed they had both of us on one topic the other day. What was that line from kid brother Louis Rogan in the Last Starfighter?

    "Hear that, slimes? I'm famous!" Heh.

  3. Looks like you're up there a few times yourself!



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