Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Predictions for 2011

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Making predictions is always a bit of risky business.
But, someone asked me recently for my predictions for 2011, and though my crystal ball is still a bit hazy, there are the things I have a good gut feeling about:

The new Republican majority in the House allows Obama to blame all his failures on Republican "obstructionism", which he will (those he's still not blaming on Bush, anyway!). He will use his veto pen repeatedly.

Hillary Clinton will, on the surface, remain aloof from petty, partisan politics in 2011, while people in her "camp" take potshots at and actively seek to undermine Obama between now and the 2012 primaries. Look for some kind of rule reform in caucus states like Iowa to prevent lopsided victories such as Obama's in 2008. Irony alert if they opt for more stringent credentials check (which they strongly oppose at the voting booth).

Hillary will undoubtedly resign as Sec State in 2011.

I don't foresee an aggressive rollback of the Obama agenda, which will, nonetheless, anger the right and left respectively, as both too little and too much.

Let's see if Obama can make it from New Year's Day to the end of February without another vacation. Smart money says "No".

The Tea Party will hold another big rally in Washington in late Spring. This will be a reaction in part to the reluctance of Congress to send much of the Obama agenda to the ash heap of history.

Obama will be conspicuously absent from Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day. (Again.)

Any attempt for Republicans to roll back Federal control of school lunches will be characterized both by Democrats and their media arm, the MSM, as "Republicans want to starve children".

Any attempt for Republicans to reform Social Security will be characterized both by Democrats and their media arm, the MSM, as "Republicans want to starve grandma".

Any attempt for Republicans to permanently keep everyone's tax rates right where they are will be characterized as "Republicans want to enact a reckless millionaire tax bailout". (And that's just Mooove On dot org!)

Look for the class envy card to be played a lot in 2011.

Look for Obama to come up with a gift as thoughtful as his last, for when the British Ambassador comes calling again.
(I hear he's commissioned a "Winston Churchill Chia pet"!)

Look for fewer press conferences with subsequently fewer opportunities for former presidents to outshine him. (Jimmy Carter will be so upset at the lost opportunity, he will write another book bashing Israel.)

Look for Air Force One to be spotted in countries all around the world. At least once or twice, it will be for an official presidential visit.

Dan Rather will finally find a copy of Barry Sotero's "birth certificate" stuck between two pages of GWB's Texas Air National Guard fitness reports.

And finally, predictions that came true in 2010 will be repeated in 2011:

Obama will play golf. (frequently)

Joe Biden will say something really stupid.

Al Gore will fly in a private jet, met by a limousine, to speak about how much we need to change our lifestyle, or at least to buy carbon credits from him.

And, last but not least, liberal trolls will still be clueless.

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