Saturday, February 19, 2011

Andrew Breitbart at Wisconsin Tea Party Gathering

Robert Stacy McCain has this great video interview with Andrew Breitbart:

At one point on the video, you can hear the crowd in the background saying the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. Pretty cool!

Much more at The Other McCain


  1. I was there Saturday. In my many hours of protesting, I saw less than 20 Pro Walker people. I'm sure there were more, but their presence was not felt. I see Breitbart huddled up by the capital building, which would be the least active place at the protest. It was not violent at all. What was he nervous about? Literally, students, parents, kids, and grandparents at this rally. It was comically civil.

  2. EC: First of all, thanks for stopping by! On a right of center blog, I'm sure you can imagine that most of my regular audience is on the other side of the aisle from you.
    And thanks for commenting with a screen name. You'd be surprised (perhaps not) at the number of people who want to unload a lot of blather and sign the comment "Anonymous". After the second "anonymous" comment on the same thread, it's sometimes hard to tell if it's the same person, or someone else with similar views.

    Now, on to the meat of your comment: I don't believe you.

    You say you were there, and, this being the Internet, I cannot prove or disprove it, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You say you "saw less than 20 Pro Walker people", even though you were there "many hours". Saturday was the day people were showing up with their "Sorry I'm late, I had to work" signs.

    The pictures I've seen on the Internet showed far more than 20. The audio from this video and others reveal the cheering of far more than 20 people. So I have to ask myself, "Why would you say something so comically far from the truth?". Where exactly were you standing or seated for all those "many hours" that you did not see hundreds if not thousands of Walker supporters?
    (I thought about snarkily asking you if you drove the SEIU bus. If you never got off the bus, you might not see very much!)

    "It was not violent at all." Except maybe for the fellow who tried to silence the Tea Party rally, who apparently assaulted one or two people in the process. Then, there's the question of "violent speech". The left said that Sarah Palin somehow telepathically influenced the Arizona shooter with crosshairs on a map of Congressional districts, that he may have never seen, yet, I saw at least one sign with crosshairs superimposed over Governor Walker's face (far worse than anything Sarah Palin did).

    And remember how indignant Nancy Pelosi was when one person showed up at a Tea Party rally with a swastika covered with the international symbol for "NO"? There were swastikas by the score at your rally. I'd say that crickets chirp in Pelosi office, except that she came out in praise of the swastika carrying protesters in WI. No hypocrisy there! /sarcasm

    As far as Breitbart being "nervous", that may be your perception, but it is not reality. I have seen Breitbart, both live and on video, and he can be quite confrontational. I have never seen him back down from anything. In Searchlight, Nevada, when protesters were egging the Tea Party Express buses, he got out and stood toe to toe with them, even when they started lying and accusing him of egging his own bus and calling for his arrest from some of the local constabulary.

    "their presence was not felt" Sounds like whistling by the graveyard to me. But, even if there were not a single person in the crowd supporting the governor, the entire nation is watching a bunch of people who shut down the schools by fraudulently calling in "sick", aided and abetted by doctors will to lie to help perpetrate the fraud, to protect their larger than average slice of taxpayer dollars in unsustainable salaries, and retirement. (Cont'd)

  3. (cont'd) Add to that the gutless Democrats who fled the state (Fleebaggers) to subvert the democratic process, and the countless signs accusing Walker of being a Nazi and a dictator and comparing him to Mubarek and Mussolini and Hitler, or accusing him of vile sexual acts, and it shows something less than class my friend.

    The private sector has had to make many cutbacks and sacrifices in the Obama economy. On one of the Sunday shows, Donna Brazille kept making the point about "balancing the budget on the backs of the workers". The truth is, these unsustainable salaries and benefits are being born on the backs of the American taxpayer, many of them who make far less to begin with than the petulant protesters in Madison.

    Long story short: Your side is not exactly covering itself with glory. Wisconsin will be a watershed for public sector compensation. Kiss the status quo goodbye.


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