Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Third Blogiversary, Proof Positive!

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It's that time of year again! The third blogiversary of Proof Positive. A little "inside baseball": This time last year, there were about 2,600 posts , and 37,000 hits from 114 countries around the globe. Nine days after I started, I added the widget from Sitemeter, which started off at about three hits a day (and one of them was me!).

Today, over 4200 posts, with 154,000+ hits from 169 countries, averaging around a three hundred or so hits a day. I'd like to think that some of that growth is because of the content, provided by members of "Team Proof", some because of the "kindness of strangers" linking from some great blogs and some mighty fine looking women, occasionally featured on these pages. (Stacy McCain's Rule Five)

For those of you who visit on a regular basis, I thank you for the time you spend here, whether contemplating the deep mysteries of life or just laughing as we poke fun at the foibles of fools. For those of you who were just suckered in, er, enticed by a headline or photograph, I am grateful to you, too, and hope that once you stumble in here, you stay a while and take a look around.

I ultimately take credit and/or blame for everything that appears here. To make this something you enjoy reading, I first make it something I would. Not everything here is meant to be earth shattering or profound, sometimes it's just funny, or interesting to me. And there's at least some new content everyday for non subscribers. (Subscribers sit with me on the beach, sipping rum drinks at Hanauma Bay. Subscription price To Be Determined.)

It's been a great three years. I have been joined by some outstanding bloggers, to entertain, enlighten and inform you, and I am looking forward to more great things in the coming year, running up to the election in 2012. I propose we take back our country, and do it in style!

Thanks for stopping by. Come again real soon!

Second blogiversary posting is here.


  1. Three blog years? So how many is that in human years?

    Happy Third!

  2. I am proud to be a regular here...For sure every Thursday and Friday(the good article days)! Its a good place and you are good people Proof, Happy Damn Blogiversary!

  3. Happy third from a longtime lurker!

  4. Happy Third blogaversary Proof Positive! I always enjoy reading your posts. Can't wait for more...

  5. "So how many is that in human years?" 21 I think!

    Silver, Randy, Mrs. C, Teresa: Thank you all for your readership and participation! Knowing that people actually read what I write, and see the pictures I cobble together is very gratifying.

  6. Three years, huh?....That would mean you're at about 80 proof, Proof.

    Congratulations and may your fourth year be a masculine year.

  7. Congrats and hope for many more. For your blogiversery, I'm gonna give ya a present...adding you to my blogroll...what a gift!


  8. Happy Third, Proof. Congratulations on your staying power. Keep up the outstanding work!

  9. Bob, Mike, 'bot, William: If I'd known how much attention it would get, I would have had it sooner! (Or more often!) Thanks, guys!

    And Mike, thanks for the gift. The other pikers just gave me single malt!

  10. Congrats Proof Pos. Or does anyone ever call you "P.P."? ;-)(and live to blog about it...?)

  11. Thanks, Red! As far as I know, no one has called me "P.P." in the last half century. I do get some French visitors who say "Oui, oui", but, maybe it just loses something in the translation?


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