Sunday, May 29, 2011

Democrat Talking Points Still Impervious to Facts

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Was watching Fox News Sunday this AM, two Congressional freshmen, Allen West R-FL and Donna Edwards D-MD were on and the one thing that stuck out for me was Ms. Edwards (no relation to John, we trust) kept parroting the line about "two wars" that were "unpaid for". What is Libya, Ms. Edwards? Chopped liver??

I think the hundreds of millions of dollars Obama has spent in taking military action against Libya meet every criteria for an "unpaid for" war as anything Bush did.

Is it their math which is fraudulent, or just their rabid partisanship in sticking to their talking points, no matter what?

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  1. It's all in the definition proof and libs play word games.

    Under Bush the military budget was separate from the general fund, not hidden just separate as has always been the case being it is Constitutional.

    Now under Soetero the military budget is PART of the general fund and thus more susceptible to major cuts.

    Enter Libya, this action is paid for out of funding already established for Iraq and Afghanistan thereby weakening out troops in those hot spots and not needing congressional approval OR a funding resolution.

    All of this I am sure is illegal, but hey, what does the law mean to this miscreant.

    Christopher-Conservative Perspective


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