Monday, September 8, 2014

Bert, the 'NCIS' Farting Hippo gets CBS Sued

ISIS is running amok in the Middle East and threatening to come here, our southern border is so porous that literally anyone could cross unimpeded, even said agents of ISIS, Americans with US passports are fighting with ISIS and could return virtually unnoticed to wreak havoc in the civilized world and some poor schlub who makes puppets is suing CBS over their use of a farting hippopotamus?

Yeah, in the great scheme of things, 'Bert the farting hippo' is probably 43,798th in things you should be worrying about, but then, if you're the puppet guy, this is your bread and butter. This is your livelihood. For him, Bert is undoubtedly in his Top Ten. It's a variation of "whose ox is being gored". (Or if you are al jazeera, "Gored".)

With Iran on the brink of nuclear weapons, Islamic jihadists on the march, illegal immigrants pouring across our border, the anniversary of 9/11 three days away and a virtually empty chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I thought it might be a nice reminder that, in all its strangeness, life goes on.

Glad I could 'clear the air' about that!

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