Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Kind of Flakes are Obama and Biden?

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Frosted, of course! Heh!

At a rally in Battle Creek, Mich., just now, Mark Schauer -- the Senate minority leader running for Congress -- presented the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket with a special box of Frosted Flakes that he says Kellogg's, which is headquartered here, put together.

And the Flakes are Frosted because of all the attention Sarah Palin is getting? Heh.

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Although, truth be told, I believe Biden is a little more Frosted than Obama! Heh.

Quote du jour

Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are more or less the same age, but Governor Palin has run a state and a town and a commercial fishing operation, whereas... Senator Obama ain't run nothin' but his mouth. She's done the stuff he's merely a poseur about.
-Mark Steyn

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Experience: Where's the Beef?

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Wow! Red State has a devastating side by side comparison between Sarah Palin and Barack H. Obama. A must read for political junkies! If you only click on one link this political season, make it this one!

Hat tip Say Anything
(Graphic shamelessly stolen from Say Anything!)

US to Turn Over Control Of Anbar Province to Iraqis Next Week

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In what seems like big news to me, and apparently not such a big deal to the MSM, General James Conway announced that the tenth of eighteen provinces reverts to Iraqi security next week. (Anbar is that big, honking province over on the Syrian border!)

Washington...on Wednesday, in a potent symbol of strides made in what was one of the most troublesome corners of Iraq, the U.S. Marine commandant, Gen. James Conway, said that U.S. troops will turn over control of Anbar to the Iraqi security forces sometime next week. Conway suggested that the security situation has improved so much that it is time to shift the Marines’ presence from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Could it be that good news coming out of Iraq would reflect poorly on the judgment of The One and favorably on the judgment of John McCain?

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A Little Saturday Night Music

About 30 years after he told the girl with the caterpillar eyelashes that he loved her, Herb Alpert played this concert in Munich in 1997. A little medley of his greatest hits:

"If You Want Change in Washington, if You Hope for a Better America, Then We're Asking For Your Vote"

All without a teleprompter! Heh.

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Because Those Wascally Wepubwiccans Are Always Bringing Race Into This!

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Among the t-shirts spotted in Denver

So the Democratic Donkey with the Afro and the 'fro comb are...brought to you by Karl Rove? Genius!

Hat tip LGF
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Democrats: "We Have Nothing To Offer But Fear Itself"

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FDR is turning somersaults about now!

How many times have we heard in the last 24 hours "a heartbeat away from the Presidency"? That's to somehow make you afraid that 72 year old John McCain (apparently on his last legs according to his 95 yr. old mother!) will die and some political neophyte will assume the highest office in the land.

Well, in a spirit of bipartisanship, I'd suggest that there's a double whammy on the other side of the aisle! Not only would a "neophyte politician" assume the highest office in the land if Obama is elected, consider who would be just two heartbeats away from the Oval Office, should Joe Biden suffer yet another brain aneurysm:

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Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi

Be afraid. Be very afraid! Heh.

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Quote du jour

In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.

-Charles de Gaulle

Friday, August 29, 2008

To Boldly Go Where Obama Won't (Not Without His Entourage!)

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Sarah Palin visiting wounded troops at Landstuhl in 2007

I doubt that even Karl Rove could have planned this set of circumstances! She certainly was not running for veep then.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit
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Friday Night Babe

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Murdered by a one-armed man in The Fugitive, Once and Again a single mom, ex-wife of cranky genius Gregory House, Sela Ward is this week's Friday Night Babe!

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It's Official! Sarah Palin is McCain's Veep!

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What a refreshing change from making old, tired Washington insiders veep! Heh.

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Remote Control

And since it's tomorrow on the East Coast...Here's what appears to be a pretty effective ad by John McCain:

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Quote du jour

"If this party has a message, it's done a hell of a job hiding it tonight, I promise you that."
-James Carville, on the Democratic Convention on CNN after the first night.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Class Act!

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"This Election Is Not About Me" -BHO

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I hope no one had their mouth full when O'Blurry volunteered that piece of nonsense!

You've got to admire Obama's ability to read the teleprompter and deliver the lines with conviction. Why, he even delivered that line with a straight face!
he election is not about Him??? The one who makes the seas rise and lower? The "one we've been waiting for"???

I know that Obama would like the election to be about anything but him, when it comes to justifying his thin résumé, his associations with terrorists and race baiters! Again, the question is not "Is America ready for a black President?" The question is, "Is America ready for an extreme Leftist with little to no experience and poor judgment?"

(Hint: The answer is "NO!" Maybe even "Hell, No!")

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This Last Week's Poll

On The Democrat's Current Desperation Springs From:

Obama's lies and dodging his record on abortion?
Obama's inability to speak without a teleprompter?
Unanswered questions about Obama and Rezko, Wright and Ayers?
Obama's inexperience in foreign policy?

Seemed to be split pretty evenly among the weaknesses of the presumptive candidate.
Maybe the PUMAs are on to something?

Not a scientific poll. Respondents are self selecting. Questions are drawn from fortune cookies, hieroglyphics and tomorrow’s New York Times.

Please make your opinion known in this week's poll.

More "Change" Biden Bringing to the Ticket

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"Hope and change"? How about "Hopelessly Mired in the Politics of the Past"?

USA Today under the heavily euphemized "intersection of interests":

DENVER — Sen. Joe Biden worked to defeat a bipartisan bill designed to curb asbestos lawsuits at a time his son's law firm was filing them in Delaware and a former aide was lobbying against the measure, according to public records and interviews.
Biden, a longtime ally of trial lawyers who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, opposed legislation that would have replaced thousands of lawsuits with a trust fund for asbestos victims. He proposed a series of amendments in 2003 and 2005 that backers of the bill viewed as "poison pills" designed to kill the bill, said Lawrence Fineran, a lobbyist who supported the measure.

Well! Joseph Hopey Change Biden works to defeat legislation based on how it affects trial lawyers in general and his son in particular!
That's certainly a change! /sarcasm

Obama sure can pick 'em!

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Obama's "Firsts"

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Should voters elect the first black President, they may find that "firsts" aren't always the best!

Peter Kirsanow over at NRO, has a long list of many of the other things our first black President would bring to the Oval Office:

* the first presidential nominee known to have a terrorist as a friend and working associate
* the first presidential nominee to vote against a measure designed to prevent a form of infanticide
* the first Commander-in-Chief nominee to dismiss as an elitist a veteran who spent 5 1/2 years being tortured by the enemy
* the first presidential nominee to favor giving habeas corpus rights to foreign terrorists
* the first presidential nominee known to have a pastor who exclaimed "God damn America "

The list goes on! Read the whole thing!

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From Those Wonderful People Who Brought You the Hillary Nutcracker

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The Bill Clinton Cork Screw!

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Quote du jour

On the troop surge, Obama's position has changed countless times, but he says it's unchanged. Worse, he has this grating habit of prefacing his new positions with something like "as I said at the time." But he didn't say "it" at the time, he said the opposite of "it." But saying that he said "it" is, to him, the same as having said "it."

-Jonah Goldberg, Obama the Postmodernist

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Democrat for McCain

Saw this first during the Democrat Convention coverage. (McCain has a lot of money to burn before the end of the month.)

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The Medal of Honor

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Technical Sergeant Charles Coolidge

Leading a section of heavy machineguns supported by 1 platoon of Company K, he took a position near Hill 623, east of Belmont sur Buttant, France, on 24 October 1944, with the mission of covering the right flank of the 3d Battalion and supporting its action. T/Sgt. Coolidge went forward with a sergeant of Company K to reconnoiter positions for coordinating the fires of the light and heavy machineguns. They ran into an enemy force in the woods estimated to be an infantry company. T/Sgt. Coolidge, attempting to bluff the Germans by a show of assurance and boldness called upon them to surrender, whereupon the enemy opened fire. With his carbine, T/Sgt. Coolidge wounded 2 of them. There being no officer present with the force, T/Sgt. Coolidge at once assumed command. Many of the men were replacements recently arrived; this was their first experience under fire. T/Sgt. Coolidge, unmindful of the enemy fire delivered at close range, walked along the position, calming and encouraging his men and directing their fire. The attack was thrown back. Through 25 and 26 October the enemy launched repeated attacks against the position of this combat group but each was repulsed due to T/Sgt. Coolidge's able leadership. On 27 October, German infantry, supported by 2 tanks, made a determined attack on the position. The area was swept by enemy small arms, machinegun, and tank fire. T/Sgt. Coolidge armed himself with a bazooka and advanced to within 25 yards of the tanks. His bazooka failed to function and he threw it aside. Securing all the hand grenades he could carry, he crawled forward and inflicted heavy casualties on the advancing enemy. Finally it became apparent that the enemy, in greatly superior force, supported by tanks, would overrun the position. T/Sgt. Coolidge, displaying great coolness and courage, directed and conducted an orderly withdrawal, being himself the last to leave the position. As a result of T/Sgt. Coolidge's heroic and superior leadership, the mission of this combat group was accomplished throughout 4 days of continuous fighting against numerically superior enemy troops in rain and cold and amid dense woods.

Sgt. Coolidge: We humbly salute you and thank you for your service.

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Hat tip Home of Heroes

PUMAs: Lifelong Democrats For Anyone But Obama

PUMA= Party Unity My *ss

Two words: Schaden. Freude. (Okay! It's usual a compound word, but you know what I mean!) Heh.

Hat tip Suitably Flip
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"Kill Your Parents" -Bill Ayers

JammieWearingFool has a trenchant piece of video on Obama & Ayers:

Hat tip Jammie Wearing Fool
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New Vets For Freedom Ad: The Surge Worked

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The only fault I find with this Vets for Freedom ad is the exhortation to call the Clueless One to ask for his support. Talk about spitting in the wind!

How long before we get the obligatory idiot telling us that these vets are being manipulated, their words are taken out of context, blah, blah, blah!
(Any thing to distract you from their message!)

Hat tip Weasel Zippers
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Already a lot of squealing from the Democrats on this one. Who is that guy that's always saying:
You get the most flack when you're over the target!"


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Obama Fellow Traveler on Kerry's "Finest Moment"

A lot has been made about Barack Obama's association with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. Here's Ayers back in 2006. Wonder if the politician who made his debut in Bill Ayers' living room shares that opinion of anti-war vets?

Hat tip Wizbang
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Dennis Miller on Michelle O’Drama , Joe Biden and the Democrats

Michelle O'Drama? Heh.

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Quote du jour

"You know, it's always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never' "

-B. H. Obama
via Investor’s Business Daily
-from the "Do as I say, not as I do" department

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dead Tree Media Continues Downward Spiral

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Maybe that should be "No help wanted"?

If your company thought it could get along with less than half of its current employees, would you polish up your résumé?

Back in California, the Left-of-Center McClatchy newspapers are in trouble. The Sacramento Bee and its Fresno counterpart are offering voluntary buyouts to 55 % of their full time employees.
Fifty five percent! What kind of product will they be able to turn out if over half of their current staff takes early retirement?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - The Sacramento Bee and The Fresno Bee offered voluntary buyouts to a majority of their full-time employees Monday in the latest round of cost-cutting at the newspapers.

Advertising revenue at McClatchy from its California and Florida newspapers has dropped 22 percent this year. NYT revenues have dropped 10%. Meanwhile, Rush renewed his contract for how much???

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Your Tax Dollars At Work!

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One point seven Billion dollars a year! (Billion, with a "B")

Read the story in McPaper this AM, of folks scrambling to take advantage of tax breaks for "renewable" energy before they expire. Found this gem buried in the story:

Extension of the tax credits has wide support in Congress, but the issue has bogged down in partisan battles. Senate Democrats insist the subsidies --costing the Treasury at least $1.7 Billion dollars a year -- be offset with new revenues. (Read: taxes)

At least!! After a while, that could add up to real money!

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When Moonbats Attack -Coming Soon to Fox!

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See how moonbat wackadoos value free speech by mindlessly shouting the same things over and over so that their opponents cannot be heard!

See who comes out the better for this exchange: Michelle Malkin or the blowhard, Alex Jones?

Hat tip Stop the ACLU
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Hillary Asks: Who You Gonna Call?

John McCain, of course!


Hat tip Wizbang
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Blogging Light?

If the blogging seems a little light this week, it is! Hit the road yesterday with a new laptop. Remember that scene in The Mummy, where all the scarab beetles come out and devour everything in sight? Not quite that buggy, but annoying, nonetheless!

Hope to post something of greater substance by this evening...

Quote du jour

I think Biden is a great pick ... for the McCain campaign. Biden has run for president a few times and has never caught on in his own party. He dropped out after Iowa this time around.

-Mark R. Levin

Monday, August 25, 2008

Quote du jour

"I think that the only reason Clarence Thomas is on the Court is because he is black."

-Senator Joseph Biden

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Subliminal Messages in Obama Biden?

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Subliminal? I wouldn't put it past the Democrats! Heh.

A number of people around the Blogosphere have noted that the Obama Biden signs have Biden’s name smaller and in a different color than BHO’s, so that it fades into the background more easily. This is all fine and good, but we need a little pseudo-psychiatric examination of the subliminal aspects of the posters…sort of like when some genius pulled the word “rats” out of a Republican ad about Democrats.

Please take this in the same, silly vein:

The positioning of the O over the B: OB, an obvious attempt to distance himself from the abortion controversy by associating himself with baby doctors!

The positioning of the B over the I: BI, an obvious attempt to ingratiate the team with the LGBT crowd!

The positioning of the A over the D: AD, anno Domini: In the year of our Lord: an obvious attempt to dispel the “Obama is a Muslim" meme floating around!

The positioning of the M over the E: ME, an obvious attempt to garner the self centered vote, located primarily in the modern Democratic Party!

And if you look at the last two letters in each name, starting with the “A” and moving counterclockwise, you get “AMEN”, or “so be it!” subliminally asking people to accept their change which is all in the wrong direction!

There you have it! Subtle subliminal advertising from the lovely people who brought you “I didn’t inhale OR have sex with that woman!” , “No controlling legal authority” and
“I can’t answer that, it’s above my pay grade!” Heh.

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(Not to mention the whole "OB" "AMA" thing going on there! He might as well wear a stethoscope, and say "I play one on TV!") Heh.

Update: OMG! I just noticed that if you start at the "M" and go counterclockwise, you get "MADE"! With the suggestion that their policies on manufacturing are all in the wrong direction!
(This is deeper than I thought!)
And if you start with the middle "A" and go counterclockwise, you get "A BID" : Obviously an attempt to buy votes! And of course, the obligatory, they're going about it in the wrong way! Heh.

One more, then I'm done: Start at the Middle "A", go counterclockwise for five letters and you get "ABIDE", which obviously stands for the backwards way of living we'll all have with the Democrats' energy policies!

"Where is the Derisive Laughter?" -George Will

Barack Obama has made his economic thinking excruciatingly clear, so it also is clear that his running mate should have been not Joe Biden, but Rumpelstiltskin. He spun straw into gold, a skill an Obama administration will need in order to fulfill its fairy-tale promises. George Will with his usual incisive wit and take no prisoner approach to the fairy tale proposals of Barack H. Obama:
Obama recently said he would "require that 10 percent of our energy comes from renewable sources by the end of my first term -- more than double what we have now." Note the verb "require" and the adjective "renewable."
Require? Maybe Obama has a Five year program for that? Or maybe nuclear? Will points out that 20% of our power currently comes from nuke plants...
Obama is (this is part of liberalism's catechism) leery of nuclear power. He also says -- and might say so even if Nevada were not a swing state -- he distrusts the safety of Nevada's Yucca Mountain for storage of radioactive waste. Evidently he prefers today's situation -- nuclear waste stored at 126 inherently insecure above-ground sites in 39 states, within 75 miles of where more than 161 million Americans live.
Is that good judgment? Or pandering for votes?
Obama has also promised that "we will get 1 million 150-mile-per-gallon plug-in hybrids on our roads within six years." What a tranquilizing verb "get" is. This senator, who has never run so much as a Dairy Queen, is going to get a huge, complex industry to produce, and is going to get a million consumers to buy, these cars. How? Almost certainly by federal financial incentives for both -- billions of dollars of tax subsidies for automakers, and billions more to bribe customers to buy these cars they otherwise would spurn.
Maybe Dairy Queen is hiring? He could get his On the Job training there, maybe? Heh. One more example, then I recommend you read the whole thing:
Where will the electricity for these million cars come from? Not nuclear power (see above). And not anywhere else, if Obama means this: "I will set a hard cap on all carbon emissions at a level that scientists say is necessary to curb global warming -- an 80 percent reduction by 2050." No he won't. Steven Hayward of the American Enterprise Institute notes that in 2050 there will be 420 million Americans -- 40 million more households. So Obama's cap would require reducing per capita carbon emissions to levels probably below even those "in colonial days when the only fuel we burned was wood."
Fairy tales, smoke and mirrors...that's all Obama's got! (Oh, that and willing accomplices in the Main Stream Media!) Cross Posted at Say Anything

Quote du jour

How many in the media have expressed half as much outrage about the beheading of innocent people by terrorists in Iraq as they have about the captured terrorists held at Guantanamo not being treated as nicely as they think they should be?

-Thomas Sowell

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Audacity of Hairplugs and a High IQ (video)

Check out Biden's 1988 hairline! Those hairplugs were worth every cent!

To check the veracity of what he says, go here.

Hat tip Hot Air
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Plagiarists of a Feather Flock Together

Now that Obama has selected Joe "Son of a Welsh Coal Miner" Biden as a running mate, Right Wing Sparkle points to a Politico story earlier this year, comparing Obama's own "borrowed" speech moment. A pair of videos showing the Audacity of Plagiarism...

Gov. Deval Patrick, June 2006:

Barack Carbon Copy Obama, November 2007:

Note, that when Obama "speaks from the heart", he stumbles over the words as he reads them. (He needs to consult his script to see what he thinks next!)

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At least McCain Knows What Job He's Running For!

Forget the number of houses! Remind Barack which job he's running for!


Hat tip Michelle Malkin
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A Little Saturday Night Music

For those of you old enough to remember: Herb Alpert's This Guy's In Love With You (1968)

Check out the eyelashes on the object of Herb's affection. You could house a small family of four in there!

Sucker Punch - Obama Ad Fast and Loose With Truth

Here's an ad that Obama has been running in Ohio, followed by an analysis by the somewhat left of center Plain Dealer:

It's possible for every fact in a political ad to be true, but the sum total to be misleading. Such is the case with this ad.

"...It's impossible to know whether the Ohio jobs would be more secure under an American-owned DHL. The same foreign owners made significant investments- and added 1,000 jobs- in Wilmington after the merger. And it's not as if the jobs are going overseas: Unlike manufacturing, the delivery of packages in the United States is a service that can't be outsourced." (also a tad left of center) "...said the ads 'paint a false picture' and 'go too far'. "

But, hey! If Obama had a record to run on, or a clear philosophy of leadership, he wouldn't have to try to mislead people on John McCain, now, would he?

BTW, On a scale from Zero (misleading) to Ten (truthful), the Plain Dealer rates this ad a Two (2). (That's pretty darn misleading!)

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John McCain Is On His Game

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"We Have Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself!" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

"The Buck Stops Here!" - Harry S. Truman

"That Answer is Above my Paygrade" - Barack H. Obama

Jennifer Rubin posted the text of Senator McCain's Saturday radio address. It looks like the gloves are off!

Here was a candidate for the presidency of the United States, asked for his position on one of the central moral and legal questions of our time, and this was the best he could offer: It’s above his pay grade. He went on to assure his interviewer that there is a, quote, “moral and ethical element to this issue.” Americans expect more of their leaders. There seems to be a pattern here in my opponent’s approach to many hard issues. Whether it’s the surge in Iraq that has brought us near to victory, or the issue of campaign reform, or the question of offshore drilling, Senator Obama’s speeches can be impressive. But when it’s time for straight answers, clear conviction, and decisive action, suddenly all of these responsibilities are — well, as he puts it, “above my pay grade.” As mottos of leadership go, it doesn’t exactly have the ring of “the buck stops here.”

At Saddleback, he assured a reporter that he’d have voted “yes” on that bill if it had contained language similar to the federal version of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Even though the language of both the state and federal bills was identical, Senator Obama said people were, quote, “lying” about his record. When that record was later produced, he dropped the subject but didn’t withdraw the slander. And now even Senator Obama’s campaign has conceded that his claims and accusations were false.

So, Barack Hussein O'blurry, dodges the difficult questions, preferring to speak in clichés and obfuscation, while he hides his pro-infanticide voting record and slanders anyone who criticizes him.
That about sum it up? Oh, yeah!

Hat tip The Corner
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The Audacity of a Padded Résumé, Part Deux the French looking John Kerry might say!

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Now it's Obama/Biden, Home of the Whopper™

Chris Reed on some vintage Biden: In 1988, Biden was running for President (I know! Every four years whether he needs to or not!) and this exchange took place with someone with the audacity to question him in public:

''I think I have a much higher I.Q. than you do.''

He then went on to say that he ''went to law school on a full academic scholarship - the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship,'' Mr. Biden said. He also said that he ''ended up in the top half'' of his class and won a prize in an international moot court competition. In college, Mr. Biden said in the appearance, he was ''the outstanding student in the political science department'' and ''graduated with three degrees from college.'' Comments on Assertions

Wow! Quite an impressive résumé! If only it were true!

In his statement today, Mr. Biden, who attended the Syracuse College of Law and graduated 76th in a class of 85, acknowledged: ''I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inacurate.''

As for receiving three degrees, Mr. Biden said: ''I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in history and political science. My reference to degrees at the Claremont event was intended to refer to these majors - I said 'three' and should have said 'two.' '' Mr. Biden received a single B.A. in history and political science.

''With regard to my being the outstanding student in the political science department,'' the statement went on. ''My name was put up for that award by David Ingersoll, who is still at the University of Delaware.''

In the Sunday interview, Mr. Biden said of his claim that he went to school on full academic scholarship: ''My recollection is - and I'd have to confirm this - but I don't recall paying any money to go to law school.'' Newsweek said Mr. Biden had gone to Syracuse ''on half scholarship based on financial need.''

Wow! This guy needs a teleprompter almost as much as Obama!

Hat tip The Corner
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McCain: Not Biden/Our Time

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Joe the plagiarist and Barack "This is Our Time" Obama: A match made in pundit's heaven!

Team McCain hits the ground running!

Hat tip Hot Air
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Quote du jour

“Conservatives consider liberals well-intentioned, but misguided. Liberals consider conservatives not only wrong, but really, really bad people.”

– Larry Elder, via Cassy Fiano

Friday, August 22, 2008

The More You Know Him, The Less You Like Him!

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Obama pulling ads in states where his poll numbers are dropping!

Political Intelligence reports:
Barack Obama has pulled his TV ads from seven states that voted Republican in 2004, including the perennial swing state of Florida and two others -- North Carolina and Virginia -- he had been agressively targeting as part of his 50-state strategy.

My first impression was: Maybe the Obaminator is not as flush with cash as he first appeared. Then I read this:

Sarah Simmons, McCain's strategy director, cited advertising spending and polling data that she said shows that in the states where Obama has spent time and bought ads, his poll numbers dropped.

The more he visits, and the more ads he buys and his poll numbers DROP? If it were a car, the Obama campaign would be an Edsel! Pretty soon, Obama will be on a par with that contest for the World's Smelliest Sneakers! Heh.

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Friday Night Babe

Tonight's Friday Night Babe is Jessica Alba:

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The pro-assimilation beauty, star of Fantastic Four flics, former Dark Angel and current Mom, ruffled some feathers last summer when she made this statement:

Alba is my last name and I'm proud of that. But that's it. My grandparents were born in California, the same as my parents, and though I may be proud of my last name, I'm American. Throughout my whole life, I've never felt connected to one particular race or heritage, nor did I feel accepted by any. If you break it down, I'm less Latina than Cameron Diaz, whose father is Cuban. But people don't call her Latina because she's blonde…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One proud American babe! God Bless America!

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Felons Can Vote

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At Obama's Philadelphia campaign office. 'Felons can vote' signs were in the campaign office window.
-Rightwing Sparkle

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New Obama Ad - Hot Air

Hot Air has the latest Obama ad, and my first impression was: Pretty lame! Is this all they've got?

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“In a Sense, All Education is About Power.” -William Ayers

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Victoria isn't the only one with a secret!
Obama's Hidden Track Record at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge

Steve Diamond, at the Global Labor and Politics blog, has some analysis of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which the University of Illinois is currently stonewalling attempts for reporters to see what six years of Obama's leadership (twice his meager three years in the Senate) did for education in Chicago.

...the Chicago Annenberg Challenge ("CAC"), the education reform project founded by Bill Ayers and which he led with Barack Obama from 1995 until 2001. The Challenge spent some $160 million in the Chicago Public School system during that time period with the explicit goal of improving educational outcomes for students. The Challenge failed in that attempt.

So, if this analysis is correct, the only administrative position in Obama's short, short career cost the taxpayers millions and produced inferior results?

...My analysis of the history of the CAC can be found here. The key to understanding the CAC is its political context. The CAC was established to shore up support for the Local School Councils established in 1988. The LSCs were a new power center set up to watchdog teachers, principals and school administrators. While Ayers celebrates it as a form of battling "bureaucracies" and as a democratic reform, in fact it has disturbing authoritarian overtones...

Former domestic terrorists, who would bomb you if you did not agree with them, displaying authoritarian overtones...who woulda thunk it?

...Mayor Daley was leading the charge to gut the entire LSC structure that Ayers, Obama, Mike Klonsky* and others had fought to create and build. The CAC was seen by Ayers as a way to protect and sustain the LSCs against the attempt to re-centralize power over the troubled schools in the hands of the Mayor.

Because education is about power!

*Mike Klonsky was a former SDS comrade of Ayers and later helped found a maoist party in the United States, travelling to meet with Chinese leaders in 1977 for their endorsement of his effort here. Klonsky's Small Schools Workshop received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the CAC headed by Obama and Ayers.

Oh, good! We've got the maoist wing of the former terrorists to help balance out the black nationalists and flag stompers. Ah, multiculturalism! No wonder they don't want us to see those records!

Hat tip Patterico’s pontifications
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I'll See Your Housing Ad, and Raise You One

Tony Rezko still technically "owns" 5/6 of the lot next to Obama's. Yeah. If I had a half a million dollar piece of property, I'd sell off just enough so that I couldn't do anything with the rest of it, except leave it there for the neighbors! Right!

There’s a Google satellite image over at the American Thinker, that shows what a good neighbor Obama is in landscaping and taking care of Mr. Rezko’s property as if it were his own! The wall and the trees surround both lots. Looks like Obama even cuts Tony's grass for him!

Following that Biblical admonition, no doubt, “In as much as you have done this to the least of these swindlers, slumlords and dishonest developers defrauding the least of these my brethren, you have done this unto me!”

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“As can be seen, the house and the adjacent lot are landscaped as one property. There appears to be a wall around both properties together, enclosing the house and its side yard. There appears to be no access from the street to the property Rezko purchased except through the Obamas' driveway. It is, in other words, the yard of the Obamas' house.
Rather than merely purchasing a separate lot, Rezko appears to have purchased the yard of the Obama manse, and allowed them to live in the house+yard property, amounting to a gift (or loan, if you will) of considerable value.”

Sweetheart deal? Or half million dollar gift? I’ve heard Obama talk about Tony Rezko! They ain’t sweethearts! What did Tony Rezko get for his half million dollars?

Hat tip Sister Toldjah
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Quote du jour

"When people are motivated, instead of lectured, they're more likely to do right by the environment."
Mike Rowe- Dirty Jobs , on a story about recovering timber submerged for over a hundred years.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Last Week's Poll

"Do you care enough to watch the Beijing Olympics?" ...showed a pretty even split
"No. It was a mistake to hold the games in China." 42%
with "Sure. I cheer on the US athletes." and
"Don't care one way or the other." both coming in at 28% each.

Not a scientific poll. Respondents are self selecting. Questions are drawn from fortune cookies, hieroglyphics and tomorrow’s New York Times.

Please make your opinion known in this week's poll.
Multiple answers will be allowed.

Barack's Housing Problem

Barack Obama, thinking he has a winner with class envy, has released an ad about John McCain's houses. The faux outrage generators are cranking full steam, that Obama is "Shocked! Shocked!" that McCain and his heiress wife might own more real estate than the average American. But, it may be that half of all McCain's houses combined may be worth one John Edwards McMansion!, and certainly less than the combined real estate holdings of John F. and Theresa Heinz Kerry!

WASHINGTON – From a sailing mecca to a ski resort, presumptive Democrat nominee John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, enjoy the trappings of their wealth in at least five homes and vacation getaways across the country valued at nearly $33 million.

Some are private escapes for the family, and others serve as prime spots to host fund-raisers and exclusive gatherings for wealthy donors. All reflect the couple's status - he is a four-term U.S. senator; she is heiress to the $500 million family ketchup fortune - with breathtaking vistas, elegant furnishings and enclosures that protect the property from prying eyes.

At least five??? What's the matter, John? Don't you know???

Where was all this class envy from the Dems when John Kerry was their nominee?
Plus, as to houses, Mark Hemingway points out:
Obama bought his with help from someone who was just found guilty of six counts of wire fraud, six counts of mail fraud, two counts of corrupt solicitation, and two counts of money laundering.

Of course, if I had Obama's thin resume, carefully hidden track record and inability to speak without a teleprompter, I'd do anything to cast attention away from myself, too!

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"A Cautionary Tale"

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Why did San Francisco get all the Liberals, New York all the lawyers and New Jersey all the toxic waste?
New Jersey got first pick!

"A Cautionary Tale" is what Kim du Toit calls it. An example of what happens when Democrats control both the executive and legislative branches of this case, New Jersey!

...the state’s real decline started with the election of Jim McGreevey and a Democratic-controlled legislature in 2001.

In the middle of a recession, McGreevey and the legislature raised taxes and fees an astonishing 33 times to raise $3.6 billion. The state also passed a heap of labor-friendly, antibusiness laws that rapidly worsened conditions. The McGreevey administration hammered an executive at one of the state’s biggest employers, Federated Department Stores, for announcing that the new taxes would force the company to reevaluate future growth plans in Jersey; is it any surprise that one reason the state’s newspapers are suffering today, according to an ad executive, is retrenchment of local department stores? In 2002, the Beacon Hill Institute rated Jersey 26th among the states in overall competitiveness, but by 2004 Jersey had plummeted to 44th, the largest decline of any state, noted the institute, which also ranked Jersey’s government performance next to last among the states—in case you were wondering what prompted the decline.

Yet Jersey’s leaders have learned little. In 2006, the state enacted several billion dollars of new taxes. And Governor Jon Corzine recently signed into law one of the most astonishingly anti-growth and simply foolish (there is really no other word for it) pieces of state legislation in memory. The new law requires towns hosting private-sector commercial or residential development to build subsidized affordable housing as well. Towns say that they will have to tax developers and raise property taxes to pay for this. If you knew nothing about New Jersey, you might assume that the state was prospering and that its developers were rolling in money. But the state’s commercial vacancy rate is a whopping 19 percent (by contrast, Manhattan’s is about 7 percent), and prospects for filling up that empty space are slim, considering that a recent national survey of corporate executives ranked Jersey as one of the least attractive places to expand. A state in desperate need of business just made doing business even more expensive. -Steven Malanga

Now, picture that, instead of a state (which you can more easily exit), we have an entire country governed by those (I hate to call them this) principles.

The job you save may be your own! This Fall, vote like your nation depended on it!

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Quote du jour

"It is difficult to make our material condition better by the best law, but it is easy enough to ruin it by bad laws."

-Theodore Roosevelt

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barry O Goes On Offense, Gets Thrown For Loss!

Which elicited this response:

“Barack Obama’s ad is ridiculous. Because of John McCain, corruption was exposed and people like Jack Abramoff went to jail.

“However, if Barack Obama wants to have a discussion about truly questionable associations, let’s start with his relationship with the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, at whose home Obama’s political career was reportedly launched. Mr. Ayers was a leader of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group responsible for countless bombings against targets including the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and numerous police stations, courthouses and banks. In recent years, Mr. Ayers has stated, ‘I don’t regret setting bombs … I feel we didn’t do enough.’

“The question now is, will Barack Obama immediately call on the University of Illinois to release all of the records they are currently withholding to shed further light on Senator Obama’s relationship with this unrepentant terrorist?”
—McCain spokesman Brian Rogers

Yeow! Get Barry the smelling salts! See if he knows what city he's in? Heh.

Hat tip Stop the ACLU
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Ward Connerly on Colorado Amendment 46

The Democrat's convention is not the only thing going on in Colorado this year! Here's a Rocky Mountain News editorial interview with Ward Connerly on the Amendment to ban "preferential treatment".

Here's the complete text of the measure:

"Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Constitution concerning a prohibition against discrimination by the state, and in connection therewith, prohibiting the state from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, and in public contracting."

Pretty radical! Not.

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"Free" Obama Tickets - Only $1000!

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Step right up, folks!
Get 'em while they're hot!

Strapped for cash? Or just greedy and dishonest? I report, you decide!
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In the Blink of an Eye!

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The Unblinking Eye Notwithstanding!

Liars blink less frequently than normal during the lie, and then speed up to around eight times faster than usual afterwards.

-Dr Sharon Leal, co-author of the study at Portsmouth University. Let's see how that works in action!

Hat tip Jawa Report
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The Medal of Honor

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Private First Class Mike Colalillo

He was pinned down with other members of his company during an attack against strong enemy positions in the vicinity of Untergriesheim, Germany. Heavy artillery, mortar, and machinegun fire made any move hazardous when he stood up, shouted to the company to follow, and ran forward in the wake of a supporting tank, firing his machine pistol. Inspired by his example, his comrades advanced in the face of savage enemy fire. When his weapon was struck by shrapnel and rendered useless, he climbed to the deck of a friendly tank, manned an exposed machinegun on the turret of the vehicle, and, while bullets rattled about him, fired at an enemy emplacement with such devastating accuracy that he killed or wounded at least 10 hostile soldiers and destroyed their machinegun. Maintaining his extremely dangerous post as the tank forged ahead, he blasted 3 more positions, destroyed another machinegun emplacement and silenced all resistance in his area, killing at least 3 and wounding an undetermined number of riflemen as they fled. His machinegun eventually jammed; so he secured a submachinegun from the tank crew to continue his attack on foot. When our armored forces exhausted their ammunition and the order to withdraw was given, he remained behind to help a seriously wounded comrade over several hundred yards of open terrain rocked by an intense enemy artillery and mortar barrage. By his intrepidity and inspiring courage Pfc. Colalillo gave tremendous impetus to his company's attack, killed or wounded 25 of the enemy in bitter fighting, and assisted a wounded soldier in reaching the American lines at great risk of his own life.

Private Colalillo: We humbly salute you and thank you for your service.

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Hat tip Home of Heroes

Something You Very Seldom See!

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Three boobs on one shirt!
(Two out of three are Halle Berry's)
What? You expected more? Heh.

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Liberal Heads 'Splode While You Wait!

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Listen for "We're going to get Bob a Valium" at the end!

I'm not a big fan of Hannity, but this piece of video (ironically posted by someone who thought that Colmes and Beckel came out the better on this exchange),
shows Beckel sputtering and fuming and lamenting "how low the Republicans would go", in actually telling the truth about Obama's voting record, is too funny!

Hat tip The Corner
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"I Live Here on Less Than a Dollar a Month."

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"Do as I say, don't do as I do", part 9,336

From the UK Telegraph:
The Italian edition of Vanity Fair said that it had found George Hussein Onyango Obama living in a hut in a ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi.
Mr Obama, 26, the youngest of the presidential candidate's half-brothers, spoke for the first time about his life, which could not be more different than that of the Democratic contender.
"No-one knows who I am," he told the magazine, before claiming: "I live here on less than a dollar a month."

This guy lives in a shack, about 7' x 10' (The Obamas probably have a couple of bathrooms bigger than this!)

He told the magazine: "I live like a recluse, no-one knows I exist."
Embarrassed by his penury, he said that he does not does not mention his famous half-brother in conversation.
"If anyone says something about my surname, I say we are not related. I am ashamed," he said.

I wasn't going to comment on this story, not here anyways. I saw it on a couple of blogs this morning, and noted the hypocrisy of Obama, who told the Saddleback church audience of his devotion to Matthew 25:40 : "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.". Yeah. Right! He doesn't even follow through with his blood relations! How much lesser can you get than subsisting on less than a dollar a month?
Anyway, it struck me as I was driving home for lunch: Just how far would one of those fat cat contributors to Obama, who's paying $1000 just to sit and bask in his presence, take Obama's youngest half brother?
Answer: Over 83 years. Eighty-three years! For what one Democrat will blow on seeing Obama for just one night, Obama's brother could live for conceivably the rest of his life!
In the "soldier of God, wrestling with evil" department, I think Obama is losing ground!

Hat tip Jammie Wearing Fool
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"They didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them"

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The Audacity of Ignorance strikes again!

Barack Obama was asked about immigration at a high school in New Mexico:

“We are a nation of immigrants. The only people can say that they aren’t immigrants are the people sitting right here,” the Presidential candidate says and points to the tribal leaders.

“There are some families who have been here for 4 or 500 years. They didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them.”

Senator O'blurry seems to be confused between who is an immigrant and who is descended from immigrants! While you can say "We are a nation of immigrants" in speaking of our nation's origins, to say that the only people who can say they aren't immigrants, present tense, is aboriginal Americans is

a) folly
b) false
c) stupid
d) all of the above

I am not an immigrant, Mr. Obama! I "immigrated" from nowhere! I was born here. My father was born here. My mother was born here. Her parents were immigrants, but I am two generations removed on my mother's side and seven or eight generations removed on my father's side. It is disturbing the frequency of times that you misuse our language or twist it to mean something it was never intended to mean! Are you this careless with language all the time?

May we assume that your were sans teleprompter at this event? Heh.

Hat tip Stop the ACLU
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Obama- Giving New Light to "Lightweight"

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If this were a boxing match, it would be Steve Urkel against Mike Tyson, with Obama reprising his role as Urkel!

Hat tip Moonbattery
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A World Without the American Soldier

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In the words of Barack Obama, I consider my posting of this video to be "an incredible victory"!

A small valentine to our troops from across the pond:

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Quote du jour

“It’s fine to tell people about hope and change, but you have to have plenty of concrete, pragmatic ideas that bring hope and change to life.”

-Gov. Ted Strickland,D-Ohio

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Barry O at the VFW

If you search You Tube for “Obama VFW” you get 29 results, and of those that actually are Obama at the VFW, most of the clips are under two minutes, like this sloppy wet kiss delivered by the AP! (I had to search long and hard to find the whole thing!)

Watch the whole speech, if you have the stomach, then go back and click on the AP valentine!

Hard to say where to start with this video...I have two pages of pull quotes that are either lies, outrageous nonsense or terminal naiveté!

How about his introduction? He begins by speaking of the "incredible victory" of the VFW about thirty seconds in. Over fascism? Nazism? The Cold War? Personal adversity? No! The incredible victory over airline baggage fees! Way to trivialize the service of every man there!

Or a bit of disingenuous language next? 11:14 into the video, Obama chides McCain for not heeding "my call to take out bin Laden 'across the Afghan border' ", making it sound like crossing the border into Afghanistan, instead of crossing the Afghan border into the sovereign nation of Pakistan. (Or "Pockistan" as the Messiah is wont to pronounce it!)

How about some self serving deception? 4:14
"Six years ago, I stood up at a time when it was "politically difficult to oppose going to war in Iraq"
Oh, really, Senator O'blurry? In the anti-war, William Ayers, Move-On-dot-org Puffington Host circles you run it, it was "politically difficult to oppose going to war in Iraq"? Man! The tomatoes you could fertilize with THAT load of manure!

When he's not re-writing history or telling fairy tales about "the calamity left behind by the last eight years", he manages at least one flip flop inside the speech! That's right! In less than 9 minutes, he manages to take a different position than...himself!

At 5:19, he chides the Iraqis and McCain, by extension, for not funding their own rebuilding, and by 13:40 he and his friend Joe Biden are proudly calling for $1 Billion (that's Billion, with a "B") in American tax dollars to rebuild Georgia. Hello? The Russians invade Georgia and the US taxpayer should foot the bill? Where's the consistency in THAT?

Or the self contradiction in chiding McCain for supporting the war in Iraq, when "Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat to the American people", yet claiming we "cannot secure America as long as there's a terrorist haven in north west Pakistan"?

Then there's the matter of his terminal naiveté in lamenting how the US leadership wasn't "engaged" enough in world affairs to prevent the Russian/ Georgian conflict:
"We failed to head off this conflict and lost leverage to contain it...American leadership means getting engaged earlier to shape events so that we're not merely responding to them..."

So, you're advocating a preemptive move against Russia, in anticipation of their troop movement into Georgia? Which crystal ball would you be using to conduct foreign affairs? I would think invading Russia preemptively would make Iraq look like a walk in the park!

Lots of fodder for the talking head crowd in this snoozefest! I've only scratched the surface!

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Update: At 1:10
We have lost over a thousand American lives

Stop the ACLU adds:
Glad Mr. 57 States has a solid grasp on the number of American soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.

One I missed (must have nodded off!)

Change You Can Believe In?

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As genuine as Obama himself!

Obama has garnered the coveted endorsement of quite possibly the lamest fictional character since Barney the dinosaur! Savage Dragon, who once took a fictional swing at President Bush, has come out in favor of Obama for President.

This Get the Vote out of the Basement effort may be hampered by the fact that Savage Dragon isn't exactly a household name! And what's with the green mohawk? (Urkel, however, looks stunning!) Heh.

Hat tip Weasel Zippers
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Bloomberg Says Race Statistically Tied

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Numbers are encouraging, but the story needs some spin!

Via the LA Times
Barack Obama's public image has eroded this summer amid a daily onslaught of attacks from Republican rival John McCain, leaving the race for the White House statistically tied, according to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll released today.

Onslaught of attacks?? May I translate? Obama is such an awful candidate that no matter how hard we in the MSM try, the lackluster campaign of John McCain is still sufficient to keep the two of them tied!

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Democrats Hold Convention at Pepsi Center

Separated at birth?

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Remember they got the flag upside down, too!


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Be Careful What You Wish For!

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Don't spit your coffee!

Walt Neidlinger spent years trying to keep a Wal-Mart-anchored shopping complex from being built near his Wind Gap home.

The traffic would have been suffocating for their little community, neighbors argued, so when the massive retailer and its partners packed up their plans and left Plainfield Township last year, Neidlinger was ecstatic. He figured he'd wait for the next plan to come along and remembers thinking, ''What could be worse than Wal-Mart?''

He got a metal shredding plant instead!

RPM Recycling -- the metal-shredding plant on the same land -- causes daily noise that sounds like a freight train rumbling down the street, and frequent explosions that shake his walls.
Last week, a fire at the recycling plant inflamed growing tensions between residents, who say the plant has ruined their neighborhood, and RPM co-owner Nolan A. Perin, who says he's spent $200,000 to help calm the noise and wonders why he's being criticized for bringing industry to an industrial park.

I believe the word you may be looking for here is schadenfreude! Heh.

Hat tip Jammie Wearing Fool
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Democrats in Distress?

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White flag to follow?

Gateway Pundit has this latest on the Chosen One's Blunder du jour:
The tickets printed for Obama's Denver have the American flag upside down on both sides! A flag flown upside down is an international symbol of extreme distress.

Sounds like the O'blurry campaign to me!

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Obama's Watergate?

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It’s the coverup that always gets you!

A couple of days ago, after the Saddleback forum in Orange County, The Chosen One, Obama granted an interview with David Brody from CBN. I posted on that here.

The following exchange took place:

Brody: Real quick, the born alive infant protection act. I gotta tell you that’s the one thing I get a lot of emails about and it’s just not just from Evangelicals, it about Catholics, Protestants, main — they’re trying to understand it because there was some literature put out by the National Right to Life Committee. And they’re basically saying they felt like you misrepresented your position on that bill.

Obama: Let me clarify this right now.

Brody: Because it’s getting a lot of play.

Obama: Well and because they have not been telling the truth. And I hate to say that people are lying, but here’s a situation where folks are lying. I have said repeatedly that I would have been completely in, fully in support of the federal bill that everybody supported - which was to say —that you should provide assistance to any infant that was born - even if it was as a consequence of an induced abortion. That was not the bill that was presented at the state level.

The Obama camp eventually came out with a statement that indeed that bill Obama blocked from becoming legislation was virtually identical to the Federal bill which even NARAL did not object to!, but yada yada, blah blah Obama abortion rights Roe v Wade, yada yada yada.

In other words: Obama took an extreme far Left position. Then he lied about his record. Then he compounded his lie by calling his critics liars.

And that got me to thinking: Has there ever been a candidate for the Presidency who was caught in a flat footed, bald faced lie and won?

There have been differences and disagreements on policy and economics and social issues, but has anyone caught lying about his record ever been elected President?

Bill Clinton lied about Jennifer Flowers. That lie really was about sex, though. He had not yet perjured himself in front of a Federal Grand Jury as he did with the Paula Jones affair.
He also lied about the economy. The economy was moving upward as he and his staff were telling the American people that it was the worst economy since the Depression.
But that lie wasn't about the candidate's record, it was about the perception of the American people towards a subject easily obfuscated.
Shame on his opponent for not making his case better!

We can point to politicians caught lying who were not elected President! The list is long! But, anyone have an example of a politician caught in an obvious lie, who compounded the lie by calling his critics liars, whom the voters trusted with the most powerful job on the planet?

Nixon's Watergate cover up.
Clinton's lies before a Federal Grand Jury.
Obama's Dead Baby-Gate.

The first two were by sitting Presidents. The third guy only has a faux presidential seal and pictures of himself in front of 10 Downing St.

With any luck that's all he'll get!

BTW, I have a new slogan for O'blurry:

Change you can believe in!
Or, he might be lying about that, too!

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Quote du jour

The notion that when a human organism's life begins is in this day and age a deep mystery I find completely risible. Nobody would have the slightest doubt about the answer to this "question" if we had no interest in mystification. But what's particularly galling about Obama's answer is the suggestion that it's "above his pay grade" to have a view on when a human being should have legal rights. Are Supreme Court justices paid more than presidents?

-Ramesh Ponnuru

Monday, August 18, 2008

Women and Children Off the Streets! Dick Heller is Finally Packing HEat!

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Dodge City - Coming Soon to a Street Near You!

The man whose lawsuit overturned the handgun ban in Washington D.C. has successfully registered his revolver, ending a wait of more than 30-years to keep a weapon legally in his home.
I can't say that I think too highly of his choice of caliber: He is permitted to keep a .22-caliber revolver in his home after being fingerprinted at police headquarters and taking a firearms proficiency test and a background check.

Personally, if I only had one, I'd go for something a little beefier than a .22! I think Jeff Cooper, were he here, might refer to that as a "mouse gun"!
Just remember Dick...Anything worth shooting, is worth shooting twice!

(I'd link you to the story, but all I could find was some boilerplate yada yada from that wire service no one mentions anymore!)

Hat tip Michelle Malkin
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