Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Quote du jour

"Human beings are largely moved by stories and images, not by numbers and data."
-Jim Geraghty

Which goes a long way to explaining groups like "Black Lives Matter".

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rare Black Squirrel Sighted

I spotted a black squirrel on the fence in my back yard today. I was doing a little pool maintenance when he skittered over the fence, saw me and froze.We just stared at each other for a while, then he ran away. According to wiki, you find them mostly in the NorthEast, mid-West, parts of Canada and the UK.

Looked kinda like this.

The black fur color can occur naturally as a mutation in populations of gray squirrels, but it is rare- wiki

Since there don't appear to be any black squirrel populations within, say 2-3,000 miles of here, I'm going with "mutation".

Great. I've got a mutant squirrel in my back yard. Possibly a ninja...

Sex in Advertising

For all you connoisseurs of advertising...

I may not be exactly sure what she's selling, but, I'm pretty sure I'm in the market!

Hollywood Went to War

Fifty-seventh* in our series Hollywood Went to War, are a couple of gentlemen who both guest starred at one time or another on Star Trek, TOS:
William Windom and James Gregory!

William Windom served in the United States Army in the European Theater of Operations in World War II, as a paratrooper with Company B, 1st Battalion 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.

James Gregory served three years in the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps during World War II.

Gentlemen, we thank you for your service to our country. Rest in peace.

*Fifty seven posts, seventy five individuals.


Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Quote du jour

“(James) Comey forgot that King Solomon is remembered as wise because he didn’t actually split the baby. If he had, he would have been remembered as Solomon, that maniac who ran around chopping babies in half.”
- Michael Mukasey

Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm Lovin' It

One last post for National Cheeseburger Day:

National Cheeseburger Day Rule 5

Ms. EBL has National Cheeseburger Day Rule 5 over at her place, but she missed a few.

You're welcome.

Unabomber Chic and the Low Rent Domestic Terrorist

Unabomber then and now

Remember the Unabomber? That weird, reclusive domestic terrorist guy holed up in his cabin with nothing but a copy of Al Gore's "Earth in the Balance" and a box of crazy flakes, as he plotted which of his fellow citizens he had to kill in order to save Mother Gaia.  While he was out saving the environment through better bombing, he wore a mask. Even though he was nuttier than squirrel poop about the environment, he didn't want to get caught!

I noticed a certain fashion sense that Ted Kaczynski shared with many of the people we find in our streets today, on the avant-garde of protests, as opposed to American protesters in years past. When I started writing this, I was just going to highlight the differences between the Civil Rights marches of the sixties, with marchers in coats and ties, holding America flags (right side up), not wearing masks to hide who they were, and contrast them with the low rent domestic terrorists prowling the streets today.

When Milo Yiannopoulos was denied the opportunity to speak at UC Berkeley, it might have been dismissed as a unique occurrence,  the assaults, the vandalism, setting fires and rioting in the streets, but since then there have been at least three more instances of conservative speakers being denied the opportunity to speak, accompanied by assaults, the vandalism, setting fires and rioting in the streets. Mask clad thugs roam the streets of Charlottesville, St. Louis and Berkeley, spreading violence in their wake, even attacking disabled vets and grandmothers (who must look like Nazis in ways I cannot even comprehend!)  And don't get me started on the masked individuals in the pro-illegal alien/open borders rallies!
An exception to the rule, however, occurred in Berkeley, of all places, when Ben Shapiro spoke recently. The school spent by some accounts $600,000 for additional security: officers from all of the UC system campuses, salaries, transportation, overtime and the erection of concrete barriers...most of which, turned out, were not necessary.

That's not to say there wasn't any violence. At least one young lady, was stabbed in the neck for holding a sign supporting Shapiro. Not that it wasn't inflammatory! There was a peace sign on it, a heart and the word "shalom".

To a murderous Antifa thug this translates loosely to "Stab me, I'm a Nazi".

But there wasn't any widespread rioting, due, in my humble opinion, to two things: one, the officers were authorized to use pepper spray. This meant that there were immediate consequences to any bad actions by the crowd. But secondly, and more importantly IMHO, was that the police required that the protesters remove their masks.

They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant, well that seems to have proven true here. Stripped of their anonymity, and faced with the prospect of being identified and incarcerated for any felonious activity, most of the felonious activity ceased.  Whodathunk it?

I know that a number of municipalities have laws on the books about wearing masks at public demonstrations, although they are not always enforced. My recommendations to limit street violence are twofold:

One, if your city does not have an ordinance on the books regulating/prohibiting the wearing of masks at public demonstrations, write one. There are many cities that have them, Washington D.C. for example, you could copy theirs.
Pineville KY recently passed an ordinance:
The law, which took effect Wednesday, bars anyone over 16 from publicly wearing a hood, mask, false whiskers or other disguise that conceals the wearer’s identity. It has exemptions for Halloween, people in theatrical or circus productions and people who wear masks for work or health reasons.
Washington D.C. has had an anti-mask law on the books since the early 80's:
§ 22–3312.03. Wearing hoods or masks.
(a) No person or persons over 16 years of age, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, shall:
(1) Enter upon, be, or appear upon any lane, walk, alley, street, road highway, or other public way in the District of Columbia;
(2) Enter upon, be, or appear upon or within the public property of the District of Columbia; or
(3) Hold any manner of meeting or demonstration.
Second, enforce the law. Taking the masks off these cowardly thugs is a variation of the "broken windows" theory of law enforcement. Enforce the seemingly minor laws to see a reduction in major crimes.  Force these cowardly miscreants to show their faces in public or leave.

Oh, and if you have to arrest any of these fine upstanding citizens, photograph them and fingerprint them, so that when they go to some other town to make trouble, police will have a record of their participation. I'm sure we can think of an appropriate "participation trophy" we can give them all!


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Quote du jour

The racists she (Halle Berry) went to school with were so nasty that they put her on the cheerleading team and made her prom queen, class president, and editor of the school newspaper.
-Dave Blount

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Poetry Corner

Oh, will you please,
Stop erasing history?
It happened, alas
And you can't change the past.

All the snowflakes I see,
Attacking Francis Scott Key
Have proved, at least to me
Of their own idiocity.

So all you whiny snowflakes,
Better grow up for your own sakes,
'Cause the patriots have had enough
Of your stupid stuff.

So run along little snowflake,
Take your pussy hat to your safe space,
Or we will kick your ass,
As was done in the past.

Written by "Bo Barton"
as she was frying bacon and drinking an American beer.

-from a reader submssion

Classic KiRKWOOD

Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Quote du jour

"If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life, she will choose to save the infant's life without even considering if there is a man on base."
— Dave Barry

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Little Saturday Night Music

Where I'm Bound - The Kingston Trio


Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Best of the Web*

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*…that I’ve seen all week!
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Ben Shapiro Berkeley Speech - speech starts about the 2 hour mark, Q & A at 2:45

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Pat Condell States The Obvious

World War II C-47 returns to action delivering Harvey hurricane supplies

Illegal hot dog sales finally mustered the attention of Berkeley police, where arson, vandalism, and assaults on the First Amendment couldn't!

Toronto Film Review: ‘Chappaquiddick’

Dreamy! Sanctuary City Illegal Alien Runs Over Cyclists, Had Blood Alcohol Level of .266

How 9/11 Made Me What I Am

Transgender Cult Update: Woman, 60, Assaulted by Activists in London

CBS News Fabricates Story That Michigan Bill Would Allow Doctors/EMTs to Deny Treatment to Gay Patients

The origin of the zero is not ISLAMIC: First evidence of the symbol is discovered in 3rd century Indian Bakhshali manuscript

Courts Should Punish PETA

Eric Smith’s Silver Star gets an upgrade to the Navy Cross

Deplorable Hillary Clinton Fan Arrested for Weapons Possession Outside Ben Shapiro Speech

Ship collisions raise specter of Chinese electronic warfare

spacecraft thinner than a human hair can capture space debris


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Quote du jour

I'm all in favor of a two state solution...for California!
-Mike B

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Friday Night Babe

Tonight's FNB* is Ophelia Lovibond !

(*a.k.a. Rule Five Friday)

This Last Week's Poll

This Last Week's Poll: HOW OFTEN DO YOU USE THE LINKS FROM BEST OF THE WEB*? had four possible answers:

All the time 26%

Some of the time 61%

Never 11%

I like to see links from my site there 0%

87% of respondents use them all or some of the time. I appreciate the feedback.

Multiple choices and holdovers from Bernie Sanders' crack campaign financial advisers may account for totals less than/greater than 100%

Thank you for your participation!
Not a scientific poll. Respondents are self selecting. Questions are drawn from fortune cookies, hieroglyphics and tomorrow’s New York Times.

"Why Exactly is ACME Violating the Embargo?"


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Quote du jour

"As far as the congressman (Luis Gutierrez) and other irresponsible members of congress are concerned, they have the luxury of saying what they want as they do nothing. As my blessed mother used to say, 'empty barrels make the most noise.'"
-John Kelly, W H Chief of Staff

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vintage Babe of the Week

Tonight's Vintage Babe* is Sheree North!
(*a.k.a. Rule Five)

If Hillary Had Won...

...the New Yorker had a cover ready!


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Quote du jour

“Half of Louisiana is under water and the other half is under indictment.”
— Billy Tauzin

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Medal of Honor

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Specialist Kyle Jerome White


For gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a radio telephone operator with Company C, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade during combat operations against an armed enemy in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan on 9 November 2007. On that day, Specialist White and his comrades were returning to Bella Outpost from a shura with Aranas village elders. As the soldiers traversed a narrow path surrounded by mountainous, rocky terrain, they were ambushed by enemy forces from elevated positions. Pinned against a steep mountain face, Specialist White and his fellow soldiers were completely exposed to enemy fire.
Specialist White returned fire and was briefly knocked unconscious when a rocket-propelled grenade impacted near him. When he regained consciousness, another round impacted near him, embedding small pieces of shrapnel in his face. Shaking off his wounds, Specialist White noticed one of his comrades lying wounded nearby. Without hesitation, Specialist White exposed himself to enemy fire in order to reach the soldier and provide medical aid. After applying a tourniquet, Specialist White moved to an injured Marine, providing aid and comfort until the Marine succumbed to his wounds.
Specialist White then returned to the soldier and discovered that he had been wounded again. Applying his own belt as an additional tourniquet, Specialist White was able to stem the flow of blood and save the soldier’s life. Noticing that his and the other soldiers’ radios were inoperative, Specialist White exposed himself to enemy fire yet again in order to secure a radio from a deceased comrade. He then provided information and updates to friendly forces, allowing precision airstrikes to stifle the enemy’s attack and ultimately permitting medical evacuation aircraft to rescue him, his fellow soldiers, Marines, and Afghan army soldiers.
Specialist Kyle J. White. Extraordinary heroism and selflessness above and beyond the call of duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, Company C, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, and the United States Army.

Specialist White: We humbly salute you and thank you for your service.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hat tip Home of Heroes

There are seventy five living MoH recipients today. Their names and their stories should not be forgotten. My mission is to honor one of those heroes here each week, and salute them for their courage and sacrifice. In the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

“A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors; the men it remembers.”

Masked Thugs of the Radical Left

I posted this little snippet up on You Tube, because the still shots I took just didn't convey the violent, mindless rage that 'skateboard boy' exhibits here.

On the right hand side of your screen, you see a thug in a white mask 'cold cock' a guy just standing there, apparently minding his own business, knocking him to the ground, then the thug backs away. Shortly after that, in the same area, you see a guy in a hoodie carrying a skateboard, who gets in the face of someone trying to help this guy who was just knocked down, then he moves over and raises his board above his head and starts whaling on people multiple times. Also note the guy in the helmet who comes up along side him. I've seen him before. He was the thug who stole a bottle of water from a disabled vet in a wheelchair and squirted him with it. Nice guys.

IMHO, skateboard boy is carrying the board as a weapon, with plausible deniability. "Who, me, officer? No, I was just riding this here skateboard!" Or like Trayvon Martin's screwdriver. "Burglary tool? No man, I just need it in case I need to fix some stuff, that's all!" Still, I can count the number of people I see out skateboarding in the summertime in their masks and hoodies, and carrying long screwdrivers to school in their backpacks on one hand and have five digits left over.

Antifa is all about deniability. They wear the masks and hoodies and helmets so they can't be recognized and held responsible. They carry skateboards and bicycle locks and soda cans filled with hardened cement, so they don't look explicitly like weapons, but what else would you use an aluminum can filled with cement for?
And who takes the time to do such a thing before attending a political rally? That's called "premeditation".

Antifa are cowards who strike without provocation. They preach the doctrine of "preemptive self defense", declare it's "okay to punch a Nazi" and then categorize anyone who disagrees with them as a "Nazi" or "White supremacist".

In actuality, they are anarchists, bringing chaos and confusion in their wake. This is intention. They are intent on breaking down society, Balkanizing as many groups as possible, bringing about the destruction of our government as we know it, to be replaced with a more socialist or communist ruling class, to rule with an iron fist, of course!

They cover the iron fist with platitudes about being "anti-fascist", but their actions are more in line with fascism than any group they are opposing. In attempting to hijack the mantle of "ant-fascists", even comparing themselves favorably to those brave men who stormed the beaches on D-Day, they convince few outside the far left. Poking a police horse with a stick with nails in it does not make you a hero. Tossing bottles of urine and feces on innocent bystanders does not make you a champion of the people. Beating up grandmothers for holding an American flag does not make you an "anti-fascist", it makes you a cowardly thug.

Even Democrats are starting to back away from these violent radicals. Better late than never.


Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Quotes du jour

"This is about understanding, again, that health care should be a right, not a privilege. And it's also about being smart. It is so much better that people have meaningful access to affordable health care at every stage of life, from birth on. Because the alternative is that we as taxpayers otherwise are paying huge amounts of money for them to get their health care in an emergency room."
-Kamala Harris, Dim-CA

The foolish thought that universal health coverage reduces ER visits was disproved back under Romneycare:

"(Massachusetts) State health policy officials issued a report last month showing a 6 percent increase in emergency room use from 2006 to 2010, the first four years when the law was in effect."

Her assertion that health care is a "right", is so preposterous that it is not worth deconstructing here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sex in Advertising

For all you connoisseurs of advertising...

I may not be exactly sure what they're selling, but, I'm pretty sure I'm in the market!

Jim Acosta the Science Guy

Hurricanes Then and Now

   I was reading a post yesterday about the storm track of hurricane Irma, which stated that by the time it reached Indiana, it would be a "tropical depression". That reminded me of an incident from my youth. I swear it is true.

If my memory serves me correctly (and might if I were a better tipper), it was hurricane Carla in 1961. You can see from the map that Carla was a Category four when she touched down in Texas and then proceeded to make her way up to Canada. For the free healthcare, no doubt. When it passed through southern Illinois, there was an appreciable amount of wind over in southern Indiana where I was living at the time. I remember it was described to me as the "tail end of a hurricane". Home folks didn't talk about "tropical depressions" back then.

I was a strapping young lad in 1961. I had written to NASA that year about becoming an astronaut, but at eleven years old was already above the maximum height requirement. Spam in a can indeed! So maybe you'll believe me when I tell you what happened during that "tropical depression": a cardboard box blew into my yard... The kind they ship refrigerators in... It was a big honking piece of cardboard, and I, not having anything better to do, tied a rope onto that refrigerator carton and flew it like a kite. Danged if I couldn't keep it in the air for pretty long periods of time, even without a tail.

I don't remember if I quit because I got bored or if the wind simply died down. I suspect the latter. There weren't any kite flying contests that day, but I'm pretty sure I could have taken my division!

Jeffersonville Indiana, September 1961. Please don't tell CNN's Jim Acosta that we've had big hurricanes around since before he was born. He still thinks it's Obal-glay Arming-way.


Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Quote du jour

The Constitution says the President must take care to see that the laws are faithfully enforced. Mr. Trump didn’t want to deport the “Dreamers”, particularly those who have integrated into the society, but the law gives him no leeway, and the Presidential Order Obama signed giving them amnesty is unconstitutional. He solved that dilemma by giving it back to Congress who created it. We’ll now see what happens.

I can solve part of the problem. Any volunteer of any age who serves 7 years overseas in Army or Marines gets a Green Card and an application to apply for Citizenship along with his honorable discharge. The Citizenship application and test need not be very difficult and I would expect all who applied to pass it. The swearing should be public and conducted by an officer of rank Colonel or above.

As to girls, we can think of something similar or suitable; they need not join the combat arms. Surgical Assistant comes instantly to mind.

Their parents are a more difficult problem, and it will take ingenuity to find a path that does not offend the legal immigrants who obeyed the law.
-Jerry Pournelle's last blog entry R.I.P.

Monday, September 11, 2017

In Memoriam: Sandra W. Bradshaw, Killed Sept. 11, 2001

As a part of Project 2996, I  wrote about another individual I never met. I'd never heard her name, either. I only knew her as a part of a group: The people who perished on 9/11.

Sandy Bradshaw: 38, Loving wife, mother of two, stewardess on Flight 93 on 9/11/01. Sixteen years have now passed, and her two children are in their teens. Her son Nathan was a baby, and her daughter Alexandria, little more than one when their mother was taken from them.

Sandy, along with four siblings, grew up on a chicken ranch, of all places, but she dreamed of "flying the friendly skies" as a stewardess. She first became a "stew" for US Airways in 1990, but was laid off five months later. She met the man who was to become her husband, working as a pilot for US Air. By December of that same year, she was working for United Airlines.

She'd been working as a stewardess for over ten years, but with the arrival of her babies, she was cutting back her hours to spend more time with them. She was only making two, two day trips a month, the minimum amount of time she could work, when she took off on that fateful day.

Phil Bradshaw got a phone call from his wife that morning:

"Have you seen what's happening? Have you heard?" She asked in a calm voice. "We've been hijacked."

And, in the typical, gutsy manner of those aboard Flight 93, She told her husband that she and the other attendants were boiling water to throw at the hijackers.

A brave lady, a loving mom, a beloved wife, a devoted daughter, a caring sister. The last moments of her life were spent making sure that Flight 93 did not become yet another aerial bomb to be used on helpless civilians. We honor her bravery and we honor her life.

Sandy is survived by her husband, a daughter, a son, and a step-daughter, her parents, three sisters, and her brother.

She touched many lives and those who were touched by her miss her. Sixteen years later.

If I may add the same sentiments I have before, though I never met Sandy Bradshaw, I mourn for her and grieve with her family. The craven cowardice of those who would commit war by attacking defenseless civilians has not gone unavenged. Many of those who sowed the wind on 9/11 have reaped the whirlwind.

But, vengeance can never restore loss. What was taken from Sandy Bradshaw's family can never be replaced. Nor that of the 2,995 other families who lost loved ones on that day.

But, we can remember them. We can hold them in our hearts. And we can vow that so much as is in our power, it will never happen again.

Our hearts go out to the family of Sandy Bradshaw today. I hope that in some small way I have captured a bit of her essence to share. Our hearts are with you this day.
Rest in peace, Sandy.

You can read more about Sandy here:

United Stewardess Sandra W. Bradshaw

Flight crew: Sandra Bradshaw

United Heroes

Sandra Bradshaw

There's a video tribute to Sandy on You Tube here.

In Memoriam: Dwight David Darcy, Killed Sept. 11, 2001

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hope you never get tired of hearing this. As a part of Project 2996, I wrote about an individual I never met. I had never even heard his name. I only knew him as a part of a group: The people who perished on 9/11/2001.

He was not a very imposing man, from his picture. I imagine you could pass him on the street and not think twice about it. Just like many of us. But, Dwight, if I may be so familiar, had already lived through one World Trade Center attack before that fateful day.
He was there in 1993 when the WTC was bombed the first time. It made him a little jumpy. Sudden loud noises would startle him. For years, his wife, Veronica said, "Every time there was a bang, he would jump." But that did not deter him from returning to work.

Dwight was raising two sons, Kieran and Ryan, with his wife, living in Bronxville, N.Y., a little village about fifteen miles north of midtown Manhattan, home to about 6,500 people.

He was a Senior Attorney at the Port Authority of NY and NJ. He'd been with the Port Authority for 25 years. He was 55 at the time of the attack. A few years older than I was then. A decade or so younger than I am now.

He served on the parish board of the St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Bronxville. He loved opera. He and his wife were frequent attendees at performances at the Met and the City Opera. He was a member of the New York Athletic Club.

He had a brother, Keith T. Darcy of Pound Ridge, NY, and a sister, Joan D. Sorgi of Darien, CT. who survived him, as well as an aunt, Claire Menagh of Manhattan, an uncle, George Kindermann of New London, NH, and several nieces and nephews.

A family man, with familial ties to other families. Much like you and I.

Here's what another 2,996 blogger said about Dwight:

Dwight was a Bronx native, graduated from Fordham Prep, Fordham University, and the Fordham University School of Law. He began his legal career as an Assistant D.A. in the Bronx in 1971, and joined the Port Authority in 1977. While at the Port Authority, Dwight specialized in labor relations, serving for many years as the Head of the Labor Relations Division.

Dwight was very active in charitable works in New York City. He served as president of the Catholic Big Brothers of NY, as well as, the president of the Parish Council of St. Joseph's Church in Bronxville. Dwight was also voted a life member of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of NY, and made an affiliate member of the Marist Brothers for his many years of service on the board of Mt. St. Michael Academy in the Bronx.


"We kind of grew up together at the authority," said his friend and colleague Jeffery Green, the general counsel for the authority's legal team, made of up 75 lawyers. "He was very calm and logical and had a good sense of humor," Green said.

Outside of work, Darcy followed his favorite sports teams: The New York Yankees, the New York Giants and college basketball teams, Green said. "He was a devoted father and sports fan. He was a very big Yankee and Giants football fan. I would see him at the games."

Darcy had a way of winning people over. "Everyone who met him liked him. He took pride in his work and his family. He was a really good individual," Green said.

I received an email from someone who knew Dwight. They had this to say:

I first met Mr. Darcy in 1968. I was a Freshman at Mt. St. Michael Academy, a private Marist (Catholic) High School in the Bronx, NY. Although he had a Law degree, Dwight Darcy started his working life as an English teacher at the “Mount”. I had him for English 1 that year. I was very interested in history, and Mr. Darcy made it a point, during his lectures, to not only teach the fine points of English Grammar and Composition, but also expounded on American and World History, to which he added a large dose of Morals and Ethics. I was always fascinated by the breadth and depth of his knowledge, and made it a point to have discussions with him on these topics, even outside of class hours. He was an excellent role model, and I considered him an inspiration and mentor. He was a dynamic and dedicated teacher, and he had a profound effect on me. He is one of the few teachers I ever had, that I truly remember with fondness.

When I heard that he left teaching to practice law for the Port Authority, I knew that he was really following his true love, which he considered the true arena of human interaction. But I knew that future students would lose the opportunity to meet a truly remarkable person.

On 9-11, I was overwhelmingly heartbroken to learn that he did not survive the attack. It seemed like a horribly cruel injustice. Here was a man who was so kind, so dynamic, so profound, and so cognizant of the needs of others, who was caught up, with so many unfortunate others, in the effects of incredible madness and evil, and the result an overwhelming hatred of all mankind. I really could not believe it had actually happened. But I remember him with honor and respect, and with a deep sense of loss.

I hope this helps in illustrating the truly excellent person that he was.

Michael Cutrera

Dwight went to work September 11th, 2001, like he had on many other mornings, I would imagine, not dreaming of the horror and chaos that would await him. He worked on the 66th floor of the North tower. According to a co-worker, he'd had surgery on his foot several weeks before and was still in a cast. It would have made it difficult for him to take the stairs to flee the building.

He died at the hands of terrorists who did not care that Dwight was president of the Catholic Big Brothers of NY, where he helped disadvantaged youths. They did not care about the grieving widow and sons he would leave behind. The brother and sister, aunt and uncle left with a sense of terrible loss. The friends and acquaintances who would miss his kind words and encouragement. His death was not meaningless, because there is still meaning even when evil men commit evil deeds. His death was tragic in that it cut him off from whatever productive years he had left , the communion he spent with family and friends and the good deeds he would have done had he lived.

And though I never met Mr. Darcy, I mourn for him and grieve with his family. The craven cowardice of those who would commit war by attacking defenseless civilians has not gone unavenged. Many of those who sowed the wind on 9/11 have reaped the whirlwind.

But, vengeance can never restore loss. What was taken from Dwight Darcy's family can never be replaced. Nor that of the 2,995 other families who lost loved ones on that day.

But, we can remember them. We can hold them in our hearts. And we can vow that so much as is in our power, it will never happen again.

Our hearts go out to the family of Dwight Darcy today. I hope that in some small way I have captured a bit of his essence to share. Our hearts are with you this day.
Rest in peace, Mr. Darcy.

"Profiles in Grief" of The New York Times
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Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning

Classic KiRKWOOD

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Quote du jour

Where were you when the world stopped turnin' That September day?
Were you in the yard with your wife and children Or workin' on some stage in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke Risin' against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor Or did you just sit down and cry?
-Alan Jackson

Sunday, September 10, 2017

UnAmerican Gothic

I saw a picture of the two of them together and this is what came to mind. Colbert Gothic is the better part.

Classic KiRKWOOD

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As part of our preparedness we have a “whole house” generator, which is the size of a nuclear submarine but more expensive. We installed it after Wilma knocked out our power for a couple of weeks in 2005 and we all smelled like unlaundered jockstraps. We take good care of our generator: It gets serviced regularly, and it automatically tests itself every week. That is why I can calmly report that, with a major hurricane heading directly at my house, our generator, which has been well-treated for all these years and has never been asked to generate anything, IS NOT WORKING. Really. When I turn it on, it turns itself right back off. It is the French labor union of generators.
-Dave Barry

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Little Saturday Night Music

Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat?


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I find that White Privilege is a lot like luck: the harder I work, the more 'privileged' I get!
-Mike B.
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